Sodastream flavour pack instore £4.99 at sainsbury's

Sodastream flavour pack instore £4.99 at sainsbury's

Found 12th Dec 2013
Went to Sainsburys yesterday and saw the sodastream flavour pack for half price, either £4.99 or £4.95 can't remember which. Thought it may be of some use to those who went for the sodastream deal on here a few days ago, try the flavours before you commit to buying a large syrup bottle. Have looked online and it appears to be instore only.
Sorry if this is posted but couldn't find it searching for 'sodastream', or if someone has mentioned it on the sodastream deal thread.
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Thanx, hoping mine comes today, then it will be a trip to sainburys tonight heat added
Only certain branches stock soda stream syrups.

Best call before making a special trip.
Thank You
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