Sodastream Genesis Drinks Maker + FREE Sampler Pack (worth £9.99) Was £69.99 Now £29.00 @ Comet

Sodastream Genesis Drinks Maker + FREE Sampler Pack (worth £9.99) Was £69.99 Now £29.00 @ Comet

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Found 23rd Jul 2010
The Sodastream is back and now it is better than before! With a modern, slim and space saving design and it is never been easier to use, it is evident why the Sodastream deserves to be at the top of your wanted list.

The "Pure" machines are also reduced from £75.94 to £49.99 but no free pack


i guess just as crap as before. the cost of coke is so cheap you will pay more for this in the end!

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Free sampler pack...

Not sure this is going to catch on again when you can buy 2 litres of spakling water at Tesco for 25p. [Other high street retailers of spakling water are also available]

2 litres of sparkling water 18p at my Tescos! Still, loved sodastream all those years ago, and it makes one realise just how unhealthy fizzy drinks are, but this still a good price!

I think the idea is you DO pay more for this, but you pay for the novelty and satisfaction of making it yourself. To some this means work, but its always been promoted as something 'fun' to do.

I like these, they're pretty cool, but I'll never have time to use it personally. I guess it will just be a novelty to anyone, not something they use regularly.

Oh and hot from me =]

Would of got one but sadly i just read that the coke Zero taste nothing like the retail coke zero and it apparently taste like supermarket coke.

A-n-d-y: That's because it's Cola Zero, not Coke Zero. It's not a coke product.
I've heard all the cola flavours taste like poor supermarket cola.
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