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Posted 26 August 2022

SodaStream Pepsi MAX 6 x 440 ml Multipack (Makes 9 litres per bottle / 54 litres total) - £23 @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Seems a good price for this multipack from Amazon

Might be useful for those that regularly use a SodaStream.

Seems to get decent reviews too for flavour comparison to cans / bottles.


The wait is over – now you can make your own signature Pepsi MAX drink at home with SodaStream!

Enjoy the original Pepsi MAX flavour, combined with SodaStream sparkling water. With Max Taste, No Sugar – Pepsi MAX is a low-calorie and sugar-free version of classic Pepsi. Loved all around the world, the great taste of Pepsi MAX will refresh you every day. With SodaStream, you can be the change by helping out our precious planet as you reduce plastic waste. Each 440ml Pepsi MAX flavoured Sparkling Drink mix makes up to 9 litres of deliciously drinkable diet Cola, which really cuts down on single use plastic waste. You can also say goodbye to using up precious storage space, or lugging bulky big bottles of fizzy drinks home. Instead, have refreshing Pepsi MAX flavour on tap whenever you fancy it. Perfect for celebrations and ideal as a diet mixer or for your favourite cocktail (or mocktail) – one 440ml bottle will last and last.

Original Pepsi, 7UP and other flavours are available, so why not enjoy them all, for bottomless soft drinks on tap whenever you want them? Simply carbonate your water, add the Pepsi MAX flavour, and within seconds you can sip a delicious, sparkling cola whenever you like! Directions: Carbonate your water using SodaStream and then add a dash of Pepsi MAX flavour afterwards, as directed on the bottle. One bottle can make up to nine litres.

  • Make your own Pepsi MAX at home: Our signature cola flavour – max taste, no sugar. Simply carbonate your water using your SodaStream and then add the Pepsi MAX mix
  • Be the change: Reduce your plastic waste and help the environment, as each 440ml bottle makes up to 9 litres of deliciously drinkable Pepsi MAX
  • Favourite Pepsi MAX flavour on tap: Perfect for parties, as a mixer, or to enjoy on its own - with SodaStream refreshment at your fingertips with no sugar
  • Taste tested: Pepsi MAX at the push of a button! A low calorie, sugar free version of classic Pepsi. Discover the full range of Pepsi, 7UP and other flavours available
  • Instructions: Carbonate tap water using SodaStream sparkling water maker, then add a splash of Pepsi MAX flavour afterwards. Includes 6 x 440ml bottles


Water, Caramel colour- E 150d, Phosphoric Acid, Acesulfame K, Sodium citrate, Potassium Citrate, Sucralose, Flavouring, Caffeine, Aspartame*, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Dimethyl polysiloxane, * contains a source of phenylalanine.

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  1. Avatar
    Mix this with sparkling water, and Instant pepsi

    Bargain, well worth it (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Anyone know of a cheap soda stream to go with it
  3. Avatar
    Dandruff killer
    Every time I see these, like you I think 'shampoo'.
    Weird bottle choice..
  4. Avatar
    Thought this was shower gel 🚿 (edited)
  5. Avatar
    I thought it was Pepsi shower gel at first.
  6. Avatar
    Always this price in Argos, in case that's easier for some.
  7. Avatar
    Price showing as £26.94, or £25.59 with S&S.
    And no vouchers either. (edited)
  8. Avatar
    Bought one of these for a party, nobody drank it, and now I'm forcing myself to drink this. Absolutely loathe it
    Yea tastes nothing like Pepsi Max tbh. People who say it does are just lying to themselves to feel better about their purchase lol
  9. Avatar
    £19.55 for me there is a 10% s&s under the price
  10. Avatar
    You would need around a cylinder to make all these PepsiMax. so it would come to £35 for 54 litres of Pepsi (around 65p a litre). Considering you can buy 1.5 lt bottles for around £1, it's literally the same price. Not much of a deal unless you really like the one you make yourself. I'd still go for cans for regular discounted price for 24-for-£7, that would make it around 90p a litre, given easier to cool and consume, that would be my choice.

    By the way I have SodaStream for many years. I love it, a bit of a pain to get cylinders exchanged but useful. I tried all those flavourings but none of them worth it. (edited)
    For the gas I’ve found the best way is to invest in a total of 5 bottles. When down to your last one (so 4 empties) I order a box of 4 online for exchange. When delivered its just a case of putting the 4 empties in and put the pre paid label on. As I’m doing 4 at a time don’t have to do it too often.
  11. Avatar
    I haven't seen 1.5 litre bottles for a quid all year. Best is £1.75 for 2 litres these days.

    I actually bought a Sodastream last Christmas for £49 in Currys and haven't even opened the box yet! Still have a bottle of this syrup and some 7up in a cupboard. Must get it out and try it soon. (edited)
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