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Sodastream Gas Exchange £18.98 (£8.98 after deposit refund) @ Sodastream
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
* Admin This Is Not Self Promotion

I don't use enough over a year to make refilling myself economic - but I recall someone posting that places like Majestic refill them, is that correct? Would rather do it locally than ship bottles all the time. If wine merchants did it that would be another revenue stream for them...


I rent the bottle


Hi , I live in east london so not sure where to get the Co2 , but do you buy the bottle or rent or deposit .Also can you tell me what device you use and where to get ir please


There’s no tube. I got the cylinder and bought the regulator valve and that’s it. Previously when I researched filling the bottle that’s all I needed but I read that soda stream changed the Pin to a flat headed one to stop people refilling their bottles themselves. I will try what you said. I used the tape when my refilling attempt failed to create a tighter fit.


Is there a tube going to the bottom so it’s putting out liquid not a gas, you need to fill the cylinder with liquid. It should be obviously labelled, if not just turn the master cylinder upside down and the liquid will come out. Try turning the valve controlling flow into the soda stream bottle on a tiny bit and see if you can get liquid into it. I think the pin can only be depressed a certain amount before it will cut out and stop your fill. How come you’ve used ptfe tape on your threads? I know this is frowned upon in welding.

SodaStream Genesis Sparkling Water Maker £49.99 @ Soda stream
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Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
SodaStream Genesis Sparkling Water Maker £49.99 @ Soda stream
Stay Hydrated Make ice cold, fresh sparkling water just the way you like in seconds. Taste the Extraordinary Create healthy, delicious soft drinks, cocktails and more. Save t… Read more
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This deal is STILL active in June 2020


Sweet, you can create your own syrups if you wanted more complex flavours. I think im gonna get a sodastream or a different brand and give it a try, saves carrying bottled/cans of pop from the shops!


I don't use syrup, I'm really cautious of what goes in my body. I just add lemon juice and ginger. My wife adds liquid vanilla Stevia to sweeten it a little.


Have you sourced cheaper syrups than sodastream? Have any links/info?


This is some fantastic help :O

Soda stream spirit reduced to £59.99 with free delivery @ Soda Stream
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Posted 20th Dec 2019Posted 20th Dec 2019
Soda stream spirit reduced to £59.99 with free delivery @ Soda Stream
I have been looking for one for Christmas and bought a turquoise one - seemed a good deal getting £40 off



The same bundle would appear to be £51.99 in Argos.


I have one and it’s an ornamental piece because it’s not that great (my opinion/experience).


Just find some nice white wine and zap it...


Awe Mann - how good would that be!!!! 😝

soda stream spirit £59.99 @ Soda stream
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Posted 10th Dec 2019Posted 10th Dec 2019
soda stream spirit £59.99 @ Soda stream
A great Christmas present for anyone who likes fizzy things! If you know anyone who has purchased a soda stream before you can get a further 10% discount via their referral link w… Read more
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Ordered the one with the extras included. Good to know the range have them. Are they genuine soda stream syrups or an alternative?


I'd buy the starter pack.


I buy the syrup from the range.


Looking at buying one as a gift. Which one would you go for and where is the best place to buy the syrups? Cheers (y)


We bought one on offer a couple of years ago, used it a few times initially, then didn't touch it for a few months only to find the gas had emptied itself. Rubbish.

Sodastream give in on syrups £3.99
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Posted 24th Nov 2018Posted 24th Nov 2018
Sodastream give in on syrups £3.99
Finally after 1000s of complaints, Sodastream are starting a new line in syrups for the Sodastreams, so no more are they just for "Fizzy Water"
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You're followed! (y)


Were they in stock at one point? Nothing there now!


Thank you, getting one from Santa 🎅🏼


You'd think... Nah, DGAF.


Embarrassed yourself there grex9101

SodaStream Hydration pack £72.99 @ SodaStream
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
SodaStream Hydration pack £72.99 @ SodaStream
Comes with 4 bottles, 2 gas cylinders and the sodastream all for £72.99 down from £145 with free shipping

Thanks for this, OP! I’ve bought one. Completely accept all the comments about cost, they’re fair. We do get through about six litres of sparkling water each week, though - yes, the cost is a factor but the amount of plastic we get through because of it: wow. This is a deal that won’t be for everyone, but it’s a good saving. It’s also exactly what I was waiting for, so thank you for drawing it to my attention.


so you need to spend even more money, ain’t cheap


thanks, just bought 2 of them to gift friends. Have one for about an year and its amazing :) If you want this turned out cheap you need to buy own CO2 tank :) be smart!


No Syrups, No Likie


£73 would buy you 769 litres of fizzy water from Aldi !

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Sodastream Summer Promotion £69.99 @ Sodastream
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Posted 30th Jul 2018Posted 30th Jul 2018
Sodastream Summer Promotion £69.99 @ Sodastream
Promotion features the newest model, which can be ordered in Black or White. Spirit bundle comes with sparkling water maker, 2 x gas cylinders, 2 x 1 litre bottle + 1 x twinpack … Read more

Its all well and good getting gas from elsewhere but if they dont sell the syrups then its no good to me, my machine has become useless


if you get a sodastream and refill with 6.5kg co2 tank (cost me £20 to refill every 4 months or so)... will further reduce the cost to about 8p per 2 litre ;) this is what I've done. Yeah there are some costs when you start (sodastream £20 promo in january + co2 tank £50 to buy one off + £20 to refill every 4-5 months depends of use + hose converter £45). Saved me of all hassle of carrying bottles from tesco and having around in house. Use your brain (party)


Live with a German that only drinks sparkling water, this thing saved me from carrying so many bottles of water and hugely cut down on the wasted plastic.


Yep i agree,i managed to stock up on Cola ones, got the last 8 bottles in the area, i only have it now and then maybe twice a week if that , my gas bottle is about out of gas, im switching to fizzy water from supermarket after that , luckily i only paid £20 for the machine from Home Bargains and got £10 off a new gas bottle so haven't lost too much


I'm hacked off by this too, phoned them up and got the "we sell them as machines that fizz the water" line. Used our soda stream a lot for the diet coke and other flavours, really cut down on our recycling. Apparently they are going to bring back some syrups come September, but to just drop the existing ones from the market for 6 months with absolutely no warning is a disgrace.

Sodastream Spirit, gas cylinder plus Emoji bottles - £49.99 + £3.99 P&P @ Sodastream
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Posted 25th May 2018Posted 25th May 2018
Sodastream Spirit, gas cylinder plus Emoji bottles - £49.99 + £3.99 P&P @ Sodastream
Sodastream are doing three bank holiday weekend deals. The cheapest being this Spirit + gas cylinder + two Emoji bottles deal for £49.99. They are also doing the Power + gas cylind… Read more

I bought this back in January, the best thing I have purchased so far this year.


have a read of the grief they are getting on here over syrup removal :)


Yh because of the whole sugar tax nonsense they said they are taking a different approach to the UK market and pulled all of their syrups but yet didn't bother telling the UK market until all the syrups were gone but yet are getting away with selling machines still, I keep pestering them on twitter but they don't bother replying, I loved my machine and loved most of the flavours they did but sadly now its just gone in cupboard and I won't be buying anything from them again.


Once the fad wears out, just ends up taking up more space in the cupboard. (annoyed) Remember it’s just carbonated water with flavours, costs pennies to purchase ready-made from your local shop or supermarket which tastes better than this homemade experimental play-set. :/


Stopped doing the syrup now as well, i emailed them and was told most only used it for fizzy water...... what rubbish that is

SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker with extra carafe only £99.99 @ sodastream
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Posted 13th Apr 2018Posted 13th Apr 2018
SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker with extra carafe only £99.99 @ sodastream
Never posted before but thought I’d share as seems like a good deal for a great price. SodaStream look like they are tackling the consumption of sparkling water in plastic bottles… Read more
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beware they have discontinued loads of flavours, cola and dr pete have gone, my favorites :( not worth £100, mine was £20 from home bargains with a £10 voucher in the box


Thank you :)


not at all, can confirm


I bought too back in january when was £20. I then bought a co2 tank (6.4kg) which last me for 4-5 months, and cost me only £20 for refill :)


Do these occupy a lot of space on the kitchen worktop?

SodaStream Fizzi for just £20 with FREE Delivery on the Sodastream website
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Posted 16th Jan 2018Posted 16th Jan 2018
SodaStream Fizzi for just £20 with FREE Delivery on the Sodastream website
Just been on the Sodastream website... been looking to get one for ages and they have them for £20!!! WOW!!! Great deal! Sale in an effort to save the planet from plastic waste! … Read more
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I found at ebay that somebody refill a gas cylinders for 6 pounds only. Probably its worth to send, lets say 3 - 5 cylinders at onece by chepest courier


Hi, I contacted them via Twitter and the next day I received the item. only trouble is finding the flavours not many shops do them.


Still waiting on mine.


Received mine today :)


Ours has just arrived, even though it is still showing as 'Order Processing'. :D Don't forget to register the machine as you get a £10 voucher to spend online

Sodastream Fizzi White - £10 OFFER AVAILABLE FROM 9 AM, 24/08
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Posted 24th Aug 2017Posted 24th Aug 2017
Sodastream Fizzi White - £10 OFFER AVAILABLE FROM 9 AM, 24/08
The Fizzi 400 Fizzi White Join the sparkling water revolution by getting your hands on the all new, award-winning Fizzi White and fall in love with the SodaStream of 2017 and beyon… Read more

Got mine today!


mine delivered to local collect+, just need to collect! thanks op


One of my orders (for two machines with a flavour drink each) is marked as "Dispatched - UK". The other order I placed remains as "Processing". Happy if just one of my orders complete.


Well I didn't think my order had worked as the page blanked out so tried again and same thing...then gave up. Received two order confirmations (I only wanted one) One has been dispatched so perhaps they will cancel the other wish would be better for me.


Mines dispatched and I only ordered 1 at around 10.30am. Thanks op.

Fizzi white (launched 2017, red dot design award) £69.99  Was £99.99 + £3.99 (delivery) @ Soda stream
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Posted 16th Aug 2017Posted 16th Aug 2017
Fizzi white (launched 2017, red dot design award) £69.99 Was £99.99 + £3.99 (delivery) @ Soda stream
Big fan of sparkling water and was shopping around for a cheap soda stream model to cut down on plastic bottles usage. Pleased to find this deal on the site given that this is a re… Read more
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THAT won a design award?

Soda Stream Source £50 and Power £75 from sodastream uk
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Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
Soda Stream Source £50 and Power £75 from sodastream uk
Soda stream are doing deals much cheaper than Amazon (not sure if just today?). The Source is £50 (Amazon is £72) and the Power £75 (Amazon £116). Plus fruit mixes at £1.99. Shame … Read more
SodaStream Stream Megapack - 47% OFF £39.99
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Posted 28th Nov 2014Posted 28th Nov 2014
SodaStream Stream Megapack - 47% OFF £39.99
BLACK FRIDAY DEAL - TODAY ONLY!! The Stream megapack comes with a Black Stream drinksmaker, 1 x 60 litre gas cylinder, 2 x 1 litre carbonating bottles, 1 x 12 sample flavour pack,… Read more
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Sodastream Flavours £1 each + £2.99 delivery (£3.99) @ Sodastream
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Posted 13th Nov 2014Posted 13th Nov 2014
Sodastream Flavours £1 each + £2.99 delivery (£3.99) @ Sodastream
Selected flavours for £1 also half price mixer packs all with atleast 3 months use by Del - £2.99 Collect+ / £3.99 delivered to home address.
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Thanks for this. Just ordered the machine and I got a few bottles and two sample packs for £10 and free delivery.


after a little research I withdraw the above. Soda stream are considering moving inside Israel proper. due to all the boycotting. all that has been gained is the loss of 850 Palestinians job and income. if only we all new the full story before we boycotted...






We love ours. Tastes so much nicer than shop bought ones and they are not flat. My daughter bought a coke one of the top brand ones and it was as flat as anything. We will not go back to buying them from the shop now.

Half price soda stream pure grey - £39.99 @ Sodastream
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Posted 7th Nov 2014Posted 7th Nov 2014
Half price soda stream pure grey - £39.99 @ Sodastream
This weekend only The Pure Drinksmaker is a sophisticated modern design incorporating stainless steel and brushed steel. This award winning look turns drink making into a Pure art… Read more

Love the coldness lol. Where is it cheaper people?

Free sodastream 12 portion sample pack with every order over £10 @ Sodastream
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Posted 28th Oct 2014Posted 28th Oct 2014
Free sodastream 12 portion sample pack with every order over £10 @ Sodastream
Free 12 portion sample pack with orders over £10 :) Some good sale offers too so an ice time to stock up for Christmas

Why expired ?


I haven't tried this yet.

Sodastream Flavours from £1 with free Delivery @ Sodastream
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Posted 25th Aug 2014Posted 25th Aug 2014
Sodastream Flavours from £1 with free Delivery @ Sodastream
Sodastream flavours from £1 with free delivery at sodastream Simply add your flavours to the basket, from £1 here (note this will work on any items from the sodastream website). h… Read more

My point still stands. You voted cold due to this being bad for teeth, and yet you yourself have posted a deal for chocolate bars.


I think a four pack of double deckers will do a lot less damage than this acid.


"Code FIZZY is not valid"


ice cold


This workers?

£25 SodaStream machine when you trade in an old one!
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Posted 15th Aug 2014Posted 15th Aug 2014
£25 SodaStream machine when you trade in an old one!
If you've got an old SodaStream machine, you can trade it in and get a new Stream White for £25! Or, can get 30% off any other machine!
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Just got this one from Amazon, it came with a couple of extra small bottles and a sample pack of flavours included for £51.99


How much if you haven't got an old one to trade in but are after a new one?

Soda flavours £1.00 + £4.99 delivery £5.99 @ Soda Stream
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Posted 12th Aug 2014Posted 12th Aug 2014
Soda flavours £1.00 + £4.99 delivery £5.99 @ Soda Stream
Such a bargain! One bottle makes up to 12L of fizzy drinks - that's 12p a litre.
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Thanks for posting, just ran out of soda, worked out great value when you buy a few :)


Thanks for posting stocked works out loads cheaper when you buy a few.


Just ordered this SodaStream Flavour, Lemon and Lime(500ml) £2.99 with Free Delivery from Argos. Also have these at £2.99 + FreeDelivery: SodaStream Flavour Cream Soda. SodaStream Flavour Dandelion and Burdock. SodaStream Flavour Cherry. SodaStream Flavour Blackcurrant. and loads of other flavours at £3.99 with Free Delivery


Would soda stream users recommend them then or is it something else that sits in the cupboard gathering dust??


Geez, how is this cold? Order 10 bottles it's £1.50 a bottle!

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