Sodium Cromoglicate Hayfever Eye Drops half price  £2.60 Tesco

Sodium Cromoglicate Hayfever Eye Drops half price £2.60 Tesco

Found 26th Jun 2015
Boots / Super Drug all selling at £5.50 but Tesco selling at half price £2.60 (From £5.20) if that helps. It's online and in store both.
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I could use a bottle a day! damn pollen!
Good stuff works for me without the need for any tablets. bargain at half price!
Oh good! Something new for us hayfever sufferers. Think I'll give these a try.
I have my own solution to itchy eyes which works for me as long as I am back indoors with the doors & windows closed ( i.e. there isnt too much pollen in the air )

firstly get hold of a pair of swimming googles, then just fill them with plain old water & put them against your eyes with your face looking at the floor, then open your eyes & blink a few times to rinse your eyes out - job done

Im sure you could also make up your own solution rather than just water but plain water does it for me

Obviously for people who are outdoors for hours on end this wont be suitable

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