Soft knitting yarn 99p each at 99p Stores

Soft knitting yarn 99p each at 99p Stores

Found 4th Aug 2013
Soft Acrylic knitting yarn 100g (white, mint, pink, yellow) 99p each
These would be great for anyone else also looking for some inexpensive yarn to make gifts and crafts.
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how soft?
Not as soft as Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino, but I find these softer than the yarn previously in Poundland. Made a couple of baby booties from yarn that I got in 99p Stores and there were no complaints about them at all.[/img]


hi i was wondering you coulod help me i am teaching children to knit AND need a whole load of knitting wool hm would you charge for 50 balls pls
Hi Caroline,
I don't actually sell yarn, just like to knit as a hobby.
You should have a look at Poundland, they recently had an offer on knitting yarn (3 for 2).
This yarn might be too thin for children though (depending on their age). Back in the day when I was learning how to knit (a few decades ago) we used chunky yarn to learn the basics, then moved on to DK. We made tiny jumpers for our dolls, small bags etc. Most of us just used some left over yarn from our mum's or gran's stash. has a brilliant selection of yarns, their ranges include colour packs, they might be the best value for you. They tend to offer discounts via their Facebook page too.
By the way - this is just a random idea - why don't you ask around locally if anyone could donate a few balls of yarn and whilst teaching the little ones to knit, you as a group could knit tiny hats for the Big Knit... two birds with one stone! Children learning a great craft and supporting Age UK too.
All the best x
Wonder if anyone has spare grey chunky wool from poudland, knitting scarf and need half a ball. Unfortunately pound land nearby no longer has it. Glasgow
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