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Check your flash drive or memory card to see if it's a fake..!!!
Found 25th Jan 2014Found 25th Jan 2014
Check your flash drive or memory card to see if it's a fake..!!!
So you found a great deal on a super-capacity USB flash drive or memory card – or did you? Google e-bay fake flash drives "Only when you attempt to open the corrupt files, will yo… Read more
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Yeah it's not just eBay - I bought one of these via Groupon which turned out the be fake, initially they sent a second which was also fake too finally refunded me when I called them on selling fakes Reported this to Groupon but they weren't interested (they have also sold them via the other voucher sites)


Great program and it does work. It just takes a while if it has a lot of GB's


At uni I have had a few lectures on memory, storing images and data etc, I have, (in the past) bought memory cards to fit various mobile phones which later on decided to corrupt and become unusable, I would never buy from Ebay, or any online place unless it is certified, yes even decent honest retailers can become sucked in to buying cheaper items to sell on to increase their profit margins. If i bought from a shop, Jessops and the like, should the item fail I can simply walk back in to said shop and get a refund or exchange, its a little harder to do this online and I'd prefer to speak to a human. Decent data storage in this day and age is almost essential, given that more and more people store their images and videos on HDD's or memory cards of various sizes. I have to use decent ones given what I do (a photographer) if it corrupts and all my images are lost then the client will not be happy nor will they care how or why it happened. But for those who suspect anything I would recommend backing up images to CD/DVD and an external HDD also to be sure and not just storing on your laptop/pc Just my 2p worth.


Some people like to play the Flash fruit machine. It pays out every time with lemons on every reel.


I've bought reliable flash media from eBay. The secret is generally not to go near it if the price is too good to be true, and that's a failure of judgment that consumers have made for centuries. That said, when a listing for a 64gb microSD card/USB drive actually says "the size could be anything from 128mb to 64gb", you have to wonder just how stupid some people are. Incidentally, faked flash memory is still perfectly usable with a little tinkering. I have a 2gb card (sold as 32gb), which I chased up with the seller and for which I received a refund (and there was no point them paying the return postage). I've been using it without issue in my tablet for more than a year now.

Bitdefender Total Security 2014 3 USER 1 Year £14.68 @ SoftPedia
Found 28th Dec 2013Found 28th Dec 2013
Bitdefender Total Security 2014 3 USER 1 Year £14.68 @ SoftPedia
This is a super-deal for a good product its a complete internet security solution for only £14.68 cheapest I'd seen it was £19.99 on Amazon bare in mind this is a digital version y… Read more
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I find it incredible that people can vote something cold because they either don't think they should pay for anti-virus or don't like a product this website is to help people who are looking for anti-virus and want a good price surely that must the most important thing. I think the cold button should only work with a valid reason like you found it cheaper, or its not a good saving.


I have this on a couple of machines around the house. I also have and normally used Trendmicro on another two laptops. I have noticed that the wireless speed has dropped a little with BitDefender (nothing major). It had detected and blocked a few threats since the installation date. The only annoying thing about it is that it keeps popping up with silly messages that are just unnecessary. Other than that it's ok and does what it's supposed to do.


Heat. Best AV I've personally used and very highly rated. Worth paying for in my opinion. It detected a few viruses I had on my system while AVG was installed and hadn't detected a thing.

Windows 8 Update Notifier (link to Installation Instructions in comments)
Found 23rd Mar 2013Found 23rd Mar 2013
Windows 8 Update Notifier (link to Installation Instructions in comments)
Windows 8 do not offer a desktop notification about new available Windows Updates. You can choose the option "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download them" within t… Read more

So you voted this cold, Because you have an issue which the OS does not support natively but this fixes that issue? Seems legit!


I like Windows 8 but voted this cold because the reasons they gave for not including it are the reasons I never liked it. Each to their own though.


Typical HUKD! Anything Windows based almost always get gunned down. Prowla1 - Surely the title suggests that Windows 8 is required? Is there any hope for you......really?


Unsure why this is getting cold votes, as it seems like it could be a useful little program. Going to try it out. Thanks OP.


Cold - you have to install Windows 8 to use this.

Free & easy business card software - Just print your own!!
Found 14th Sep 2011Found 14th Sep 2011
Free & easy business card software - Just print your own!!
Okay - There are probably TONS of these 'print your own' applications BUT I was searching around and this one was really the easiest to use.. You can upload your own photo's and l… Read more

I think it is best to go to a printing shop ti get business cards done. I just recently recieved my business cards from a online company called CardsMadeEasy! they turned out great :) If you guys want to check them out here is there website,


Okay , fair enough :D


ooooo and I buy my printer ink cheap on Ebay!! (_;)


can you change your offer details to say free software - it's really misleading to suggest you can get free cards when your not telling us how to get the free cards.


I noticed alot of the ''free business cards'' printing companies charge you for uploading your own logo unfortunately... And Moo cards were only offering me 10 and I need more than that & Vistaprint wanted over a tenner!

FREE 60 Days Norton Internet Security 2012 trial - £0 -
Found 8th Sep 2011Found 8th Sep 2011
FREE 60 Days Norton Internet Security 2012 trial - £0 -
This is deal gives you double the normal amount of trial days to try out the newest Norton security product. Which? consumer magazine rated Norton Internet Security as its best buy… Read more
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I am not going to speak as a recent Norton's user, as I'm not. But is it still a **** to get off of your machine like it was 5 years ago? We ended up having to start afresh with a couple of PCs after even their own removal tool wouldn't get rid. It was easier to do this than trawl through the registry manually to remove entries. This was the only way we could use a different AV. ie. Norton Anti-virus, and it's corporate brother Symantec End-Point Security were considered by many to be just as dangerous as an infection. Things have hopefully changed now.


Nonsense again. If people are getting their identity stolen, bank account details stolen, sent spam with phishing sites etc how could you possibly blame that on Avast? These things happen everyday to millions of people, so what your saying is they all use Avast? That's ridiculous, these things happen to people who don't know what they are doing, don't know how to use the internet. I use Avast, I use my credit card, I use PayPal etc. And I haven't had one thing like that happen to me. I've had nasty redirects and malicious malware and trojans when I was running Norton which should have stopped it, one was so bad that I ended up losing everything on my computer and had to reinstall Windows. There is some websites I go on which have redirects and Avast does a great job in blocking them all the time. I don't think I've had any major virus while using Avast, so far for me it's been one of the best I have used, and I have used quite a few. I am not saying it is the greatest and it stops everything, but for you to blame all those things above on Avast is pretty stupid, those things can happen to anyone with anything installed on their computer, at the end of the day it all depends on the user and how they use the internet more so than anti virus imo.


The free version of avast is fine as long as you don't mind getting your identity stolen, bank account details stolen, sent spam sending you to phishing sites etc. The free version doesn't do anything to protect your bank details, identity or data, if you don't believe me read the info on the avast site. Click here I have heard of so many people having accounts emptied, loans taken out in their name, direct debits set up from their accounts and credit ratings ruined. Viruses make up only 20% of malware, the rest are spyware, trojans and worms, the last 2 are mainly used to steal identities. Norton can be bought from £24 for a 1 year license for 3 machines which works out at less than 67p per month per machine, if you don't think your data or identity is worth protecting have fun getting it sorted out after it is stolen.


having a decent reason Why is fine but many people pass on norton for no reason apart from it was hungrey 5 years ago (and ok forgotten that you work with 1000 of PCs whooooo), and you have not said why you need to clean there PCs? I look after a lot of PCs and have had to clean off other carp Virus/firewall software due to it not being very good for the users for the job it was intended for, or is to confusing for the users, so it works both ways. At least there is one other who does not mind it lol I do use more then just Norton BTW on other PCs, but for most people who just want to use a PC but dont really know how to use it (like 99% of people) Norton is great :)


Nonsense, I have used Norton, McAfee and many others, now I use Avast and it is better than them all, free or not it does it's job better.

DVD Converter Software
Found 1st Nov 2010Found 1st Nov 2010
DVD Converter Software
1st deal, so please be gentle. For those who missed it yesterday, I found this again. Looks pretty good, haven't tried it yet...

I 2nd that, i've tried LOADS of DVD - AVI/MP4 convertors are most suck. Last week i tried HANDBRAKE!!!! Job done. Download link


no point in reinventing the wheel, Handbrake is the nuts.


I've tried a few different ones and had a real issue finding something that works well. Handbrake is by far the best software i've found and it's free, as in completly free.


As I said, I haven't tried it yet, but running the software doesn't give any nag screens. And on the website it says: In order to activate the full version, please use the following registration code: AA-TDUPTDYO-MIBQER Did you use the code?


Lol, Chocolate fireguard software :P

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Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Found 23rd Sep 2010Found 23rd Sep 2010
Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory; free full game

Apologies if it was free, i didn't know. Im not really a pc game player. More of a ps3 man myself :)


Only a multiplayer, not a "full" game. It's always been free, so it's not exactly a "Freebie" if you never had to pay for it in the first place!


Well I never! Thanks.


Great game, it's been free since it came out in 2003. Still gets a fair few people playing it though.

FREE WinUtilities Pro v9.69 (was $49.99) from Softpedia
Found 3rd Jun 2010Found 3rd Jun 2010
FREE WinUtilities Pro v9.69 (was $49.99) from Softpedia
WinUtilities Pro is an award winning collection of tools to optimize and speedup your system performance. this suite contains utilities to clean registry, temporary files on your d… Read more
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I've told you all already.... IT IS CRAP ! Stay away from all this nonsence software that your PC does not need... maxmix


Since installing and running this I have only just rebooted and it froze mid-boot, luckily only my OS and programmes are on C drive (all the rest of my files/music/photo's on other drives) and I also regularly back up an image of my C drive for restoration just in case of something like this! Re-installed the last image from before this was installed and all is good again. I'm not saying this software is crap but reading other peoples comments and my own experience then I would say avoid. (running win 7 ultimate)


avoid this if you can messed up mu default programmes on win 7 and had to do a system restore


used the link, the user login and the serial, keeps taking me back to the same screen after restart. I too would strongly recommend C-Cleaner as it runs 10 x quicker and is free, win utilities seems to have found a load of imaginary faults in an attemt to get me to buy it... all the free stuff that was listed by one user before is better than win utilities and is free - plus runs 10 x quicker!



ZX32 Spectrum Emulator for Windows - Nostalgic Heaven!
Found 31st Mar 2010Found 31st Mar 2010
ZX32 Spectrum Emulator for Windows - Nostalgic Heaven!
A really easy to use Spectrum emulator. Download the games/ applications you want here... Download the tape images (*.tap, *.tzx), ext… Read more
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I don't know what other people think, but I find Ant Attack and Head over Heels really difficult now! I was a master at them when I was a kid.


had a spectrum emulator on an old pc few years back before broadband and they would take less than 30 seconds to d/l on dial up, good old 48k games, and never ruined my memories, played some classic games and there is an update of back 2 skool that breaks up at the end of the day, brilliant


I was only talking about the spectrum yesterday on a psp forum lol :thumbsup:


Most emulators do, as well as let you use the old fashioned boot loading scheme where it takes about 10 minutes to load, at least this way you know its not going to fail!


It loads the games in about 10 seconds, enough for you to enjoy the old loading lines and sounds. Not sure about poke codes.

Found 28th Oct 2009Found 28th Oct 2009
WinX DVD Author [FREE FULL VERSION] description Convert and burn Avi, Wmv, DivX, Mpeg, Xvid, RM to DVD For a limited time only, Softpedia offers you the FREE FULL version of … Read more

Already psoted


This is the link but as with the many deals i have tryed to post the say it must Not contain shtml so i usually give up

davej1710 if this link doesnt work then go to the home page and type the title into the search facility. It comes in the search results. Good spot.

Chinillas "NOTE: You are now downloading a Trial version of WinX DVD Author " Full version or demo?


"Softpedia mirror" link on this page

Give your PC a fresh new look without the cost of upgrading to the official Vista operating system FREE!
Found 6th Feb 2009Found 6th Feb 2009
Give your PC a fresh new look without the cost of upgrading to the official Vista operating system FREE!
This is a great little freebie that gives windows XP the feel of Vista. This is the best one I found and it doesn?involve any messing around with registry files or cracks and patch… Read more
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rubbish in what way?


Works fine on my system with no loss of speed. If you are really having problems removing this then why don't you just do a system restore to the point before you installed the software..


Rubbish Dont Bother Just Like Vista Oem


i am having problems with this it shut down my anti virus and firewall software not sure why,i am trying to get rid of it but it wont go.i think i am going to have to do a clean install of windows to get rid of it.:x


use a lot more memory I'd suspect.