Softwood Palisade Gate Kit  (187702) £13.99 instore

Softwood Palisade Gate Kit (187702) £13.99 instore

Found 30th Sep 2008
This gate is showing at £17.99 on site. its £13.99 in stall very cheap for a gate. i shop about and chouldnt find one cheap. first deal sumit sorry if you dont think its good


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why? cold


why? cold

At a guess (tho' I haven't voted on this), it's because you're getting 7 sticks of wood plus 2
horizontals and a cross-piece. It's softwood and it's not treated. You'll have to prime and
paint this - which will take a lot longer than you think.
Pop into the store and cost this up as timber: maybe a tenner, tops. Maybe if the
hinges and handle/lock were included it would be good value, but the link makes
no mention of this so draw your own conclusion.
It's probably OK if you need a gate and don't have any tools to cut the wood yourself
(provided your entrance is exactly the size of the product). But I wouldn't call it a
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