Sola2 pushchair £174.50 delivered @ Mamas & Papas

Sola2 pushchair £174.50 delivered @ Mamas & Papas



very like the Joie 'chrome' series. looks good.
Excellent pushchair, we got it last year...and I can't fault it whatsoever.
We've had one of these for 2 years - after about 18 months one of the wheels broke - the metal post sheered in half. On the plus side M&P replaced the wheel free of charge, on the down side that didn't help us while we we're on a break in London for the weekend. Plus, more seriously, when the wheel broke the buggy toppled, could have been quite nasty.

We have liked our Sola2, but i'd say personally we expected better quality for the premium price. I'd just buy a Maclaren buggy if we had our choice again.
Also available in red
How can I buy it. I am living in uae
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