Solar Powered Dancing Flower Decoration 56p Delivered with code @ Zapals

Solar Powered Dancing Flower Decoration 56p Delivered with code @ Zapals

Found 5th Dec 2017
One of their Freebie offers where you just pay the Postage, thought if it did turn up in time for Christmas it would make a novelty stocking filler & if not, then a small New Year gift. Got to be worth punt for 56p! You need to use code FREE1205ALL02 and be signed in for the code to work.

Fun little decorative device. The flower goes back and forth and the leaves go up and down. Solar powered flower.

  • Made of non-toxic material.
  • Solar powered flower with solar panel.
  • No water, no soil, even no maintenance required.
  • It dances along in the sun light so happily.
  • Brighten up your work cubicle, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.
  • This solar powered plant is a nice gift.

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Thanks op
I have had one like these for years. Put it in my porch near some pot plants. It has flapped away ever since and usually flaps in the winter with no sun out. If these last the same then excellent value.
Coupon code limit has been reached.
Must have used wrong code
Not as cute as Groot. Lol
Edited by: "rosco123" 5th Dec 2017
Ordered. Thanks
Got three for stocking fillers for under £9 with tracked postage (5-8 days). Thanks OP!
A complete waste of plastic.
retro naffness
The OP's solar powered 'flower flappers' are also sold by shops Poundland and Poundworld (yep, £1 each) from late spring. Also available with a flapping bee, and ladybird. OP's 56p is a good price, so heat from me. They are best kept indoors, but will last several weeks outdoors in the summer months. When outdoors, what tends to happen is that spiders set up home in the base unit and clog the fragile (plastic) mechanism. The flappers are cute, and have provided my elderly aunt with a bit of fun.
Got one in my car it shows how intelligent smart and kind I am.
Not really gonna be dancing much with these short days with no sun & dark nights....
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