Solar-Powered Fairy Lights - 28m/280 LED's! was £69.99 now £39.99 + delivery @

Solar-Powered Fairy Lights - 28m/280 LED's! was £69.99 now £39.99 + delivery @

Found 9th Dec 2010
there are 280 LED's in this one 28metre!!

add code - XMASGIFT10
also works on anything over £35 - add £3.95 delivery

cheapest competitors are for 280 are @ £62.95 & £74.99…839…ase

firebox also have this but the 100 LED one for £39.99...
this is over twice the amount of lights and cables

also have - 5m (50 LEDs) @ £19.99, 10m (100 LEDs) @ £29.99 (with code)

here's nothing we like better than firing the barbeque up, cracking open a few cans and spending a glorious summer's day relaxing in the garden with a few friends. As drawn out as the days get you always seem to find yourself running out of sunlight far too quickly, and then your party is doomed to spend the rest of the evening being blinded by the motion controlled security light (which is almost worth the blinding just to see people waving their arms around like muppets every time the light switches itself off). Exterior lighting can be a complicated affair, and no one wants to have to stump for an electricians bill just to have some mood lighting in the garden. This is why the Solar Fairy Lights and the Solar Net are perfect for the summer.

They produce as much light as mains powered Fairy lights but you won't have to plug them in anywhere - simply wrap around your favourite tree or garden chair and let them soak up the sun while you and your friends party until the sun goes down. Once night has fallen the lights will have enough juice to last 20 hours, so unless you're living in Norway, you should have enough to get you through to sunrise. There's even six lighting modes, so you can alternate between a steady pulse , fast flashing and always having the lights switched on.

The lights are available in a 5, 10 or 28 metre cable or as a Solar Net which can be hung on your garden wall or draped over garden furniture. The solar panel and control box are all fully weather resistant, so you don't have to run around in a panic every time the sky turns that funny purple colour (let's be realistic - this is the UK and it WILL happen).

There's no fidgety wiring, so you can get them working straight out of the box and they even have different time modes, so you can optimise them when the winter sunlight takes over.

Let the sun add a little light to your garden 24 hours a day.


* Solar Powered white fairy lights for brightening up your garden.
* The lights charge all day and then automatically pop on when the sun goes down.
* Spike and Clip fixings have been included to help you place the lights wherever you want.
* Weather resistant.
* Six lighting modes to choose from including: Alternating, Chasing, Fast Flash, Slow Flash, Fast Flicker and always on.
* Available in white only.
* Suitable for ages 14 years +.
* Available in 5m (50 LEDs), 10m (100 LEDs) or 28m (280 LEDs).
* Also available as a Solar Net: 260 x 130 cm (200 LED's).



19.99 idiot

Put them in your basket and then feel the braincells drift away

not 2 sure bout solar power in winter - i have solar lights in and around my drive and a solar security light but they don't work in winter due 2 the lack of daylight hours

This is why the Solar Fairy Lights and the Solar Net are perfect for the … This is why the Solar Fairy Lights and the Solar Net are perfect for the summer.

............. summer?

What's that then?

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19.99 idiot

Well... think you'll find your the idiot here...
£19.99 for 50... £39.99 for 100 and £49.99 for 280 LED's!

its a drop down menu and clearly states... FROM £19.99 and also.... its in the description!!!

don't know why people voting cold...


19.99 idiot

Bit rude moron (_;)
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