Solder Pro 70 Gas Soldering Iron was £29.99 @ Maplin

Solder Pro 70 Gas Soldering Iron was £29.99 @ Maplin

Found 2nd May 2011
Solder anywhere! No need for inconvenient mains cabling
Equivalent power to a 70W mains iron
Built-in flint ignitor
Adjustable fuel regulator controls the tip temperature up to a maximum of 450°C
Supplied with instructions

The strong nylon casing will hold sufficient liquid butane for one hour’s continuous use. The iron is supplied with a 1mm soldering tip fitted as standard and a protective cap, which has an integral flint lighter and a pocket clip. A range of spare tips are available separately.


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I cant seem to get the link working..…514

Plus £2.99 delivery


Plus £2.99 delivery

Maplin now offer a Collect @ Store option which I think is free but not 100% sure.

Anyone else know if it's free?…ore

Smoking hot!

Got this exact one but it came in a case with 2 or 3 extra tips. The thing broke on me. Tips arnt great they start peeling after a few uses. With the torch add on it made the neck of mine bend (the plastic bit) so now it looks like a banana iron.

However 15 quid for a gas iron is ok.

had mine a few years now, the heat attachment managed to break in that time and the other attachments are peeling as j4gg4 said however i think for the price its a decent enough iron though if i had the chance i would probably see if the more powerful version was also on offer as it sometimes has trouble melting some solder.
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