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Posted 17 November 2022

Solo 14 Night *Balcony Room* Mediterranean Cruise - 1 Adult Full Board P&O Iona 28th Jan 2023 (From Southampton) = £760 @ SeaScanner

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Fantastic price for a 14 Night Mediterranean Cruise departing from Southampton 28th January 2023

Solo Price = £665 Total - Inside Stateroom
Upgrade to Balcony Stateroom = £760 (This is the best option as Balcony usually cost hundreds more)

Brand New Ship for 2021
33 Dining & bars
6 Theatres & Lounges
5 Pools

The ship is certainly striking. At the heart of Iona's deck plan is the dazzling Grand Atrium, with walls of glass on both sides spanning three floors, filling the space with light and sea views. Polished white marble and gleaming chrome add to the elegant, airy feel, while a curved marble staircase sweeps down into the centre.

The SkyDome is another 'wow' moment at first sight and a first for P&O Cruises, too. An enormous glass dome covers a double-height space on Decks 16 and 17, which serves as a pool, drinking and dining venue by day and a dramatic entertainment space in the evenings. Other intriguing features making their debut include a boutique, four-screen cinema, an intimate nightclub and the first gin distillery at sea.

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    Never been on a cruise so maybe these are stupid questions but...

    I see this doesn't include port buses - what does that mean in reality; a 5 minute walk, someone with a card reader on the bus, or an inability to leave the ship?

    Seems silent on gratuities - is this because they're included, because they're added to the bill for check-out, or because you're expected to carry a sweaty wad of cash to throw around like an American?

    And it doesn't look like there's any drink package available?

    I'm sure it's a decent deal, just trying to work out how much higher the 'real cost' would be (if it's higher) (edited)
    Gratuities are included on P&O ships

    But unless you drink like a fish, I'd avoid their drinks packages; they're ridiculously expensive and full of caveats, e.g. if a cocktail you want is £8 you don't pay the increase of £1.05 above the 'limit' of £6.95 (as inc in the package), you get 20% off the the £8 cocktail - so you are charged £6.40. For a couple, we would have had to sign up to £40 each per day for the whole duration of a cruise. Madness!

    Unless you like people looking straight into your room as they stroll around the promenade, avoid balcony cabins on deck 8!
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    This was a post on the last deal for this ship.
    It's full board....

    Drinks on P&O cruises.
    The "Ultimate Drinks Package" covers many alcohols including spirits, some cocktails, wines, forified wines, prosecco, beers, ales Costa coffees, teas. draught soft drinks , bottled water etc. (think the max price per drink may not exceed £6.95... so not everything available)
    This package will set each passenger back £40 per day currently, and can be bought onboard no later than the day after boarding and must then cover the entire duration of the trip. If there are 2 people sharing a cabin, then BOTH are mandated to take the same package (unless one has a medical cert to prove no alcohol allowed). Two of us were on Iona in September for the 14 day cruise around Med. Our 13 day drinks package set us back just shy of £1040... so only good value if you really can put them away!
    Having said that, this package is in practice unlimited (officially there is a max of 15 drinks per day, but this is ignored, provided you can walk properly and do not have a tendency to go Yob. Spirits can only be served in single measures (officially anyway), but you can keep them coming within a 15 min space of earlier ordering. Not everything available, but does allow for many high end brands e.g. Glenmorangie 10y.o. single malt etc.
    Juices and disgusting coffee is served with your breakfast (thank you for Costa alternative)
    There are also non-alcoholic packages available (£20 p.d.)

    Carry On Alcohol.
    We each took on board 2 litres of whisky bought in Gibraltar (properly priced duty free). Although all bags are scanned at each boarding, we were not pulled up. Were purchasing to bring back to UK anyway.

    We dined regularly with a couple that ALWAYS brings onboard a full separate suitcase full of assorted alcoholic drinks... NO questions asked or challenged (Officially only 1 litre allowed when first boarding). (Most cabins have a mini fridge.) HOWEVER, there MAY be a caveat in relation to this couple... Would you give a hard time to those that do 3-4 cruises annually with you?
    PS The Med is miserable in January, so you will be spending all your time indoors or in a hot tub with plastic glasses f.y.i.
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    Google "Iona deck 8" for video reviews (or rather warnings) of its balcony cabins, which aren't really 'private'.
    Yes, I was on this ship in July and couldn't believe the layout. Thankfully my balcony was a few floors up but still not great due to all the hot tubs along the promenade deck. All day long people in them very noisy and sometimes with babies in nappies. Not very conducive to relaxing with a drink and taking in the scenery. I wouldn't go on this ship again as it's pretty soulless in my opinion. The atrium has all the glamour of a regional airport baggage collection hall.
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    Aren't P & O the company who sacked all their British crews, disgusting company. No thanks, hope they go under.
    No ,that was the ferry company ,same name different owners .
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    Been on a few cruises, p and o , seabourn, its a shame you have to be vacinated for these, although on the facebook forums, they aren't checking people!

    Please be aware that P&O's policy of checking the covid vaccine proof is still current policy and if you are asked for this and can't show that you are fully vaccinated including the 1st booster if more than 270 days since the second dose when checking in at the terminal then you will be denied boarding.
    We are seeing comments suggesting that paperwork isn't checked. This may be the case for a minority but terminal staff should be checking every guest and just because some people aren't getting asked it doesn't mean you won't. Don't risk not having the necessary paperwork and documents with you. We have seen people denied boarding because they were under the impression from social media that they no longer needed proof of vaccination.
    This also stands for testing. Please don't advise people that you don't have to show a negative test anymore unless they have indicated the exact cruise they are talking about. There are some voyages and destinations that still require a negative test so the policy doesn't cover every cruise so please don't assume that because your cruise voyage doesn't require a test that others won't.
    Thank you
    Admin (edited)
    I'd much rather be in close quarters with a couple of thousand people who are vaccinated than not, but each to their own I guess.
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    Won’t it be cold
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    P & O cruises are owned by Carnival cruises they have nothing to do with P & O Ferris in any shape or form. Hope this helps.
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    £100 more than the recent deal for this but it was 12 nights. Both great deals. Especially if you don't need parking fees and don't drink alcohol much.
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    Aaaall baaaa my seeelf, don't wanna be.
    ai but you could spend quality time with the married women who have enivitably fallen out with their significant others stuck in a cabin for days! (edited)
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    Absolute bargain
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    Is there a all-inclusive option with this cruise or just full board :/
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    I take it you dont really get any discounted Med cruise deals in the Spring when the weather might be closer to most expectations of a cruise holiday?
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    Under £55 per night full board. Bargain. Two things to be aware of - weather (but you take your chances any time of the year) and P & O allocate your cabin, so it could be deck 8. However looks like cabins are still available for most decks. You can choose your cabin if you upgrade to the "select fare" but its several hundred pounds more.
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    That's the thing about balconies, is it really worth the extra normally? To have a load of people making noise outside your window when you're trying to sleep?
    Personally speaking, yes.

    I love being able to lay in bed and watch/hear the sea, I love to be able to open the door and cool off, sit on the balcony and watch the sea/sky/ships. I've never had an inside cabin but for me, I think the lack of natural light and fresh air would drive me nuts. My GF found a really good inside cabin yesterday but I won't go for the reasons listed above ... and the fact there's nothing quite like having a shower and then boldy wandering out to the balcony to dry off!
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    Med in January?? Is there any deals for summer?