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Posted 30 July 2022

Solo 15 Nights Cruise - Depart 1 Oct 2022 - 10 stops (inc Portugal, Spain, Morocco) - £565 via Seascanner

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It will be my first cruise and it feels like a really good deal at about £37.70 per night
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    If I get horribly sick on the local ferries, I’m guessing this isn’t for me? Or are the ships much more stable
    Smaller boats like the hop-on/off ones which go up and down the Thames in London make me feel ill, and on the few occasions I've been on the channel ferries I've felt ill if I've been below deck, so I always assumed I would be ill on a cruise boat. I was wrong. We took a cruise on a larger ship and, although it does still move gently, I had no issues whatsoever as the ships are very well stabilised. We had good weather so I can't say what it would have been like in much rougher seas. The first day or two after getting back it still felt like the ground was gently rocking back and forth when sitting in my office as my body was still trying to compensate for motion that wasn't there, but I felt no illness during or after the cruise.
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    Thanks great price. I got a balcony cabin all inclusive for £871. I've been on MSC before so know they are good value.
    Somehow it's cheaper to get two solo balcony cabins for me and the wife, tempting!!!

    Pretty sure they come with king size beds?
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    Are the clientele on these cruises all....more mature people? Actually quite fancy is myself, but I'm (just about still) in my 30's.
    No a real mix now. We in 40s our friends we go with in 30s done a few now and we all booked for end of August on this boat but around the Fjords.
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    I'd advise anyone to check out the company/cruise reviews before booking. I nearly booked a similar deal last month (edited)
    My son, daughter and partners went on this same ship - different routes and had a great time - everything was amazing !
    Just sorry it clashes with another holiday or I’d book it !
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    Never done a cruise but this seems a great deal especially the all inclusive. Lots of heat
    Abou £70 extra for the a inclusive and that’s the extra package. A total bargain.
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    Appears to be all sold out
    I just checked and it still shows as available to me. Try this link: seascanner.co.uk/tra…age
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    So you visit 8 places for around 7-10 hrs
    That is the beauty of cruising for me - a one day 'trailer' of each destination then deciding how much we liked it and if we wanted to go back to any of the places for a longer holiday.

    Ticked off some amazing places via cruising that I personally would have never gone on a 'traditional' holiday to but after visiting for the day now would.
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    Switch off the gas and leccy at home for 15 days probably covers the cost
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    All inclusive solo cruises are a shagfest for the over 70's (edited)
    Pass me the sick bucket
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    Have my 6 points of heat . Don’t tempt me . Got 14 nights Britannia August and then this very ship in September around Scandinavia from a deal I post . Nothing for October but must resist as I have Singapore and Thailand November and December.
    It’s only 8 stops by the way and some are on the dull side , but hay it’s a new super ship with tons to do onboard. If doing 15 nights definitely go for the Balcony as insides get a bit closed in after a while in my experience but I have done a few insides . People talking about the food not being good . I can guarantee the food will be better than 99% of all inclusive resorts . The food might not be as good as P&O , Royal Caribbean or celebrity , but it’s still on the really good quality side . The premium drinks allows you to drink 85% of all the drinks menus in the many many bars around the ship .
    Some of the haters on here have never even been on a cruise . But like to throw there non existent experience of cruising in the comments . (edited)
    So jealous!! Have a wonderful time
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    It is a good price, particularly for a single cruiser However MSC while their ships are usually stunning have a poor reputation from many cruisers for poor service and food compared to other lines. As others have said the bay of biscay can be difficult in the middle of summer, in October I would prepare for it to be a bit choppy. The no for me is the size of the ship. Over 6000 guests is just too big for my taste. They just build layers of accommodation but don't provide the extra space needed to be able even to find a lounger on sea days.
    This year they've been sailing with around 3000 passengers.
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    Don't forget MSC Taylor there cruises from Southampton more to British tastes, Kettles in cabins , more Uk dishes on the menu , etc. Sailed with them 3 times now both from Southampton and around the Med and have really enjoyed our selves , got 2 more booked with them as well. Some of the high end cruise lines are better but then again you're often paying more than double the price.
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    I'm Portuguese and I'm tempted... Balcony stateroom, with drinks for £871/pp it's cheaper than rent here in London.
    I'm portuguese too! Just stopping off at Lisbon for the Bacalhau and Ginja
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    Hello... if I don't drink alcohol do I need to upgrade to premium drinks... ?? Is that the only benefit... Thanks
    At the price it was you might as well get it . As it gives you all soft drinks , bottled water and coffees
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    I am looking for holiday from 24th-9th oct
    Let us know how you get on 🤞🏻
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    day 1
    Oct 1
    Southampton, Great Britain
    Departs 20:00
    Welcome to Great Britain's most famous seaport and the place where Titanic took off on its maiden voyage in 1912."

    Doesn't inspire confidence. Hope you are not a nervous sailor
    Only when they enter theBay of Biscay, it can be rough, really rough.
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    £637 all inclusive which is good for an old lush like me....
    Haha, love it, see you at the bar!! Cheaper than going to Wetherspoons!
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    What's it like as a solo traveller on cruises like this?
    Peaceful. Might tell the missus I'm working away and go myself
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    Showing £722 for me ?
    You have to press continue, it will take you to the next page so you select 1 adult and then it will show you the rooms available. The inside stateroom is £565
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    Just check , I think they may have just changed the prices ?
    I think they may of made a mistake only charging £60 for the drinks upgrade instead of £200 as well . (edited)
    1094466871659282903.jpgCan't have been that much of a glitch as it is still on the banner on their website
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    Is swinging common on solo cruises? Genuine question

    Replying to

    Whatever floats your boat
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    Seems like a great price.
    I’ve just done the Tui Mediterranean Medley with my son. We had a great time. I wouldn’t hesitate in doing one by myself.. hope you have a great time OP.
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    Looks good but not that excited by the stops except Lisbon & Casablanca. Heat anyway
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    Seems as though its sold old now. Shame, have a lovely time all.
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    Missed this one. I’ve just been through a messy separation/divorce and this cruise was just perfect for getting back out there

    Replying to

    Thanks. I’ve booked that one. Need to look for more solo travel deals. I see they are hard to come by or you have to pay the single person surcharge
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    Seems like a Bargain
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    October, across the Bay of Biscay...
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    £637 for all inclusive 15 nights is an absolute steal!
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    My booking has been cancelled and they are refunding me. Saying when I booked there were none left even though it was showing that there were.
    Me too.. I rebooked it and they told me that MSC would removing that price from their website
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    ignore started new order . Great price at first glance. (edited)
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    The food isn't the greatest but it's a lovely ship and, at this price, is great value for money.
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    I can see from looking you can add other passengers. I added two adults and 2 kids and it was £2140. Couldn't work out how the rooms worked as looked only one room with king size or twin beds. I don't mind the kids sleeping on the bathroom floor , but I guess you would have to ask for two rooms?
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    Lol.... deal gone just as I was booking itt.
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    Some agents block book a selection of cabins at discounted rates. They possibly had a few single inside cabins they needed to clear. They have gone now.