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Posted 22 February 2024

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 Wood Burning Stainless Steel Fire Pit Bundle

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Features- Durable 304 stainless steel construction
- 19.5" (49.5 cm) Diameter fire pit
- Signature 360° Airflow technology results in minimal smoke
- Compact and portable

Bundle Includes
- Stainless Steel Bonfire 2.0 Fire Pit
- Spark Screen
- Stand
- Removable Ash Pan
- Protective Cover
- Carry Case
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  1. Aardvark007's avatar
    This is a cracking deal and anyone thinking whether they are worth it, cost me about £400 for this deal last year and don’t regret it one bit
  2. GrimDanFango's avatar
    1.0 version (without removable ash pan but otherwise the same), is 50 quid cheaper on Amazon
    kingtreelo's avatar
    not the same then, and probably doesnt have the extra items
  3. katymabel's avatar
    Washing machine drum all the way
  4. Ouzoherb's avatar
    I fancy one of these but what puts me off is not the price but the fact that your logs need to be a certain size, otherwise it doesn't work smokeless. They must be below the airholes around the top. My experience of open fires is this is rarely the case. Also the heat needs the reflector to direct it back.
    kingtreelo's avatar
    i have one of these and you get a LOT of heat without the deflector

    as for the smokeless thing, cut your logs down...its a trade off between having a smokeless experience or stinking of firewood using a firepit
  5. jonneyt's avatar
    Love my solo stove bonfire 2, but I’d advocate getting a bundle with a lid.
  6. Mabbs's avatar
    I would definitely want the deflector, but the price is hard to swallow when added on top of the solo stove.
  7. jondom's avatar
    You can get unbranded versions of these, i assume off the same factory floor for considerable less, my onlyfire one was 119.99 and its identical
    GrimDanFango's avatar
    Is it also smokeless?
  8. airbus330's avatar
    A friend has one of these and it is amazingly good, except for one thing. The heat tends to go up rather than sideways when you're sitting around it. A deflector is required if seated.
    Ouzoherb's avatar
    thats my experience of chimineas far warmer with a basic bowl design
  9. peroxidase's avatar
    Or just put a jumper on and stop filling my house with smoke.
    Deedie's avatar
    or move elsewhere and let me enjoy my garden
  10. nealw's avatar
    £240 insore. Not as good as BF when it was ££210 but I missed that so bit today. Hopefully worth the hype.
  11. tontonton's avatar
    This is a good deal, the spark screen bought separately is over £100
's avatar