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Posted 25 January 2023

Solovair Outlet Factory Second Sale - Shoes (Black 4 Eye Gibson Shoe) £75.00 & Boots £85.00 Plus £4.80 Delivery @ Solovair

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***Factory Seconds***
Factory seconds have not met our highest manufacturing standards and therefore failing the quality inspection.Reasons for this are cosmetic,rather than functional such as minor blemishes,off stitching or minor imperfections in the leather finishing or colour.

***Limited Sizes***

*Shoes £75.00*

*Boots £85.00*

Orders under £100
Standard Shipping – Usually delivered within 5 working days from £4.80.

Orders over £100.

Free Standard Shipping – Usually delivered within 5 working days

Dr Martens vs Solovair The Great British Boot Off.
Solovair 8 Hole Derby Boot *First Impressions*
Dr Martens vs Solovair : *Final Review* 6 Months On.
Boot Making inside the Solovair factory: How boots are made!
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    Beyond this offer, are Solovair's worth the money vs say other unknown brands that are much cheaper?

    I hear they are better than Dr Martens but obviously, that is part branding as well, for me beyond that brand, i don't really care about the name on the boots, so any other good brands? Particularly for Vegan boots, seems over priced to me since they are synthetic.
    As much as I would like to say they are, mine have taken so much breaking in. Are they incredibly comfortable?...... nope!
    I would never pay anywhere near the full price
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    Drive to Northampton and hit the factory shops there if you want fancy handmade shoes. Good value (relative) there.
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    Sites where the size filter just doesn’t work drive me up the wall!
    Great deal though if you can find a size!
    Just found you can use the menu on the left to browse by size and that works
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    wow need a bank loan even the factory 2nds are costly
    Would you rather buy something cheap and replace it every few months or something which is well made, but expensive, that will last longer? I have a couple of pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes, factory seconds purchased in the US for around $100 each almost 10 years ago. Still looking good and all I can have done is get them re-soled (plus clean & polish regularly). (edited)
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    Anyone know how these fit for wider feet. Some of the lasts seem broader but would appreciate anyone's real life experience. Not really seen these instore to try
  6. Avatar
    Most sizes sold out
  7. Avatar
    I didn't realise they went up to 14s.
  8. Avatar
    Nice one. Got a pair I'd been eyeing up for ages. Thanks for posting 🤙
    Anonymous User Author
    You’re Welcome.
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    Great post. I tried to post this site before but the mods deleted it for some reason.
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    Bugger no Monkey boots in 10
  11. Avatar
    Found a couple of size 11. They say these are a half size bigger. (edited)
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    Managed to get shiny black 8 hole derby. Slight line in leather on the toe the only blemish or imperfection. These are footwear of the highest quality. Far better than Dr Martens.
    Thanks OP
    Anonymous User Author
    You’re Welcome.
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    Finally managed to open the package and try them out. I couldn't really see any blemishes and the fit is excellent.