Soltan sun screen family pack £3.00 @ Boots

Soltan sun screen family pack £3.00 @ Boots

Found 18th May 2010Made hot 18th May 2010
Previously posted at £11.99 on offer but went into boots in Shipley today and staff said they are reduced nationally to clear remaining stock. 4 left at Shipley, proper shelf edge ticket not their in-store clearance stickers.

I would put image on if I wasn't incapable.

Soltan Suncare Family Value Pack ONLY £3.00, worth £32.50 is great value for your family holiday.

Suncare lotion for all the family this summer. Contains the following products:

Soltan Moisturising Suncare Lotion SPF15 200ml, RRP £9.25
Soltan Moisturising Suncare Lotion SPF30 200ml, RRP £9.25
Soltan Moisturising Suncare Lotion for Kids SPF30 200ml RRP £9.25
Soltan Moisturising Aftersun Lotion 200ml RRP £4.75

* Total pack worth £32.50 based on purchasing each product individually.


Everyone needs suncream


Yep also in Eltham in London. £3
I already posted this in original thread, but guess worth a new one to let people know about this massive price drop.

Thanks very much! That's the first thing I will do tomorrow! Super cheap

Lol Boots obviously think there won't be much more demand for Sun Cream this year then. That's reassuring hehe.

Unfortunately I won't be going near a store for a little while, so will probably miss this one


]already posted - price just needs amending :thumbsup:

Great deal...wish I had seen this earlier today so I could have looked when I was in Boots...will have to go back tomorrow now! Thanks:) Am hoping they are right and we will need this for summer at home in the garden!

Cracking price. I'll go on the hunt tomorrow, however I suspect with this price, they'll probably have already been snapped up.

I wish id seen this before last sundays beach barbecue , lobster aint the word .

This was posted a few months ago - I searched every single Boots near me and they all had none. They said its due to the new packaging coming out so they are selling off these old ones, such a shame as i need to stock up asap! If anyone can pick me up some let me know x

booo i bought at full price :-((

still £11.99 on websit e will go to store tomorrow and hope they have some left

good price:) Doubt there are any left though by now though. Voted hot.

Great price

NOT nationwide.

Just been in my local store (Sheffield City Centre) and still marked up at £11.99 (and scans at till at £11.99)


Still £11.99 in Leeds as well, (Scanned at till) - The staff thought I was barking mad suggesting it was £3

Yeah, I bought it in Glasgow on Sunday for £11.99, doubt it would be nationwide as it is only May, so everyone still needs their creams for holidays. Sounds like you were very lucky, I am so jelous!

I will drop in tonight on way home just to make sure though! If it is £3.00, I will be buying some and taking back to one I bought at £11.99, can you do that with suntan lotion?

still £11.99 at my local in leicester

They were £11.99 in Chelmsford (retail park) this morning as well.

£11.99 in the Sauchiehall St branch in Glasgow.

They appear to be doing 2 for 1 on Soltan lotion, so if the factors aint exactly what you're looking for, you may be better off taking up that offer.

Someone has said they have changed the packaging. So the newer ones will probably scan at £11.99 and the older packaging at £3

£3 in Boots, Treorchy

Still £11.99 @ Preston, scanned at till.

still £11.99 near me.

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I went to get somemore and they stated head office error picked up by Tues PM.
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