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0% interest on MacBook Pro and iMac. £52 a month installment X 24 months = £1,248 @ Solutions Inc
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
0% interest on MacBook Pro and iMac. £52 a month installment X 24 months = £1,248 @ Solutions Inc£1,248
Great interest free installments for MacBook and iMac. Works out around £52 or £44 a month. Depending what you go for.
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Nope, not sure where you were looking as the cheapest MBP is £1249 inc VAT on this website and the same price at Apple. Although there are better deals out there if you can bang it on a credit card as you can then pay up front.


Their prices appear to be about 20% higher than anywhere else? Prices shown appear the same, but VAT is not included and only shows when you go to your shopping basket!


Or EBay and the PayPal deal? ;)


Why not shop for the best price wherever it's cheapest then putting it on a 0% for 22 months Halifax CC?


Nice. In-store only though which is a shame

20% off Beats headphones online and in-store @ Solutions Inc
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Posted 27th Jan 2018Posted 27th Jan 2018
20% off Beats headphones online and in-store @ Solutions Inc
Just received an email stating the offer ends on 05/02. Might be be useful for someone.
iPad Mini Retina 64GB with 2 year warranty £299 @ Solutions Inc
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Posted 20th Oct 2014Posted 20th Oct 2014
iPad Mini Retina 64GB with 2 year warranty £299 @ Solutions Inc£299
Was in Solutions Inc in St Albans yesterday and picked up an iPad mini 2 (retina display) with 64gb + wifi for £299. Think they're clearing stock, as the 64gb is no longer availabl… Read more

I was planning on checking out the St Albans branch tomorrow, but it looks as though they've put their price up. What a pity. I'll give it a go tomorrow, and if it's risen in price, will probably have to go to PC World to see if i can get the 16gb one cheap. No point going for a 32GB one, it's huge amounts of storage or as cheap as possible.


Ha, fair play :p


Solutions St Albans OOS and quoted £319 as the price for the 64gb mini 2. I can see your price board photo, so don't doubt they were that price when you bought yours. They said they would get some more on Friday. Almost no one seems to have stock of the 64gb.


Purchased one of these yesterday, nice screen and A7 cpu very fast, but had couple of issues, could not print to a pdf, and although screen resolution very high, the highest youtube setting it would do was 720p.


Good point. In stock last night. :p

iPad with retina display (iPad 4) 128GB - £439 @ Solutions Inc (Instore St Albans)
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Posted 12th Apr 2014Posted 12th Apr 2014LocalLocal
iPad with retina display (iPad 4) 128GB - £439 @ Solutions Inc (Instore St Albans)£439
Just bought one from there. Heavily reduced as they are discontinued. The guy there said there were a couple left. (At 9:30 this morning) Solutions inc St. Albans.
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They also offer a 2 year warranty as standard.


A bit of dot to dot and you get this - ;)




where? who?



Solutions Inc Chelmsford 1 year anniversary sale - 10% off Apple Macs and Accessories, 5% off iPads
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Posted 27th Jan 2012Posted 27th Jan 2012LocalLocal
Solutions Inc Chelmsford 1 year anniversary sale - 10% off Apple Macs and Accessories, 5% off iPads
Solutions Inc in Chelmsford have been open a year and on Saturday 28th are doing 10% off all Mac computers and accessories, and 5% off iPads. Was in today and they're advertising … Read more
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Not really everywhere is RRP with apple


Prob be more expensive then ordering online.,

10% off all iPads at Solutions inc. Apple Reseller
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Posted 28th Feb 2011Posted 28th Feb 2011
10% off all iPads at Solutions inc. Apple Reseller
Save 10% on all iPad WiFi and 3G models with Solutions inc. Apple Premium Reseller. Plus free UPS courier delivery to all UK mainland addresses. This is my first deal I've posted … Read more
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Yes dual core CPU, likely more RAM but it was not mentioned. No extra ports. Not bad overall but not worth swapping my iPad 1 for either as it does nothing significant that iPad1 can't apart from camera functions. iPad 3 is *rumoured* for Q3/Q4 this year. No idea if it's a 7" one only though. If it's 10" then it will likely be quad core and higher res. This does mean that iPhone 5 will be dual core at least now :) iPad 2 is more of a iPad1.5 IMHO. iPad3 will be likely be the real deal.


Well it looks like ipad two has Dual Processors, not read the full low down yet, waiting on the full news articles to hit bbc/t3 etc, maybe you could enlighten me on any mention of ipad 3.0/ipad mini/ipad shuffle/ipinnie!!!??? I have, however taken the plunge on ipad 1.0 at the new reduced prices, for what i need, it suits perfectly! With the Apple EPP discounted prices bringing it to a nice £322.80, I am well happy!


Ben, I agree with everything you've said except one thing. I think it is a virtual certainty that iPad 3 will have to be at least dual core. This would permit more processing power with little power cost, as well as PR versus the Android tablets. If you're right about a 7" one, it'll be more an iPad Mini IMHO not iPad3 :) Still, we will all know more tomorrow :)


I have read plenty of rumours and trawled forums for snippets, and from what I can gather, there will be a doubling of the RAM currently in iPad 1 at the very least, multi-tasking has slowed down the ipad somewhat, similar to what they did with doubling the RAM on the iphone 4(from the 3gs), also the fanboys wish for a Retina display will not happen due to the cost of replicating the retina display on a larger area, although and again, rumours are circulating that Apple have asked the developers/manufacturers of the retina display to look into an ipad version(possibly for the 7" version). The reasoning for the possibility of staying with a single core processor, but doubling up on the RAM is for the multi-tasking alone, Ipad 1.0 does apps and media, what more it does them well(and before the naysayers jump on board, yes I understand the 'price for what you get' debate) but multi-tasking has slowed it down somewhat, an increase in RAM would improve this. Also it would keep prices down, I say down Jobs has been quoted(an article on T3's website a month or so ago) stated that he wanted to keep prices similar to the ipad now, so ipad 1.0 will drop in price, but finding one brand new direct from apple will become increasingly less likely as production of them has 'apparently' ceased with concentration on ipad 2.0 and the development of ipad 3.0. Also, the rumours of an iPad 3.0 seem to point towards a single core 7" version, to slot in alongside and eventually trounce on the other 7" tablets, couple this with the possibility of a Retina Display(more likely at this size) and a reduction in price due to size, then you have something to look forward to. What am I gonna buy? Well, If as has been said, all they have changed is the camera's, same screen, CPU, increased RAM, inclusion of SD card reader and a USB port(highly unlikely) then I will get an iPad 1.0, from the refurb store in about a month. It will do what I want, as it does now, and do it well.


New one being announced this week. Likely to be shipped in April or perhaps May. If rumours about it only having a single core A5 CPU and cameras, with same screen are true, then there's little to gain over the iPad 1, which runs all current Apps perfectly. More interestingly, there are rumours of iPad 3 being announced in Autumn this year. IMHO quite likely if iPad 2 is singel core, as Apple now need to play catch up with the Android tablets in specifications. I have iPad 1 btw, and it's a great tablet machine :)

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Save 10% on all Apple iPads. I got a WI-FI 16GB £395.10 free shipping @Solutions inc
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Posted 25th Feb 2011Posted 25th Feb 2011
Save 10% on all Apple iPads. I got a WI-FI 16GB £395.10 free shipping @Solutions inc£395.10
To receive the reduced price you must sign in or register first Meet the Apple iPad Wi-Fi 16GB. Quite simply the best way to experience the web, email, photos, and video. The iPad… Read more

... But won't cost £395.10


Next wewk is Mobile Me, iPad will be September, and is more iPad 1.5' will have Camera maybe two,dual core processor and NFC


might as well wait for new ipad 2 announcement next week first.


(Doh!) Oops - sorry.


excluding VAT!

Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Solo Black & White £112.49 @ Solutions Inc
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Posted 23rd Feb 2011Posted 23rd Feb 2011
Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Solo Black & White £112.49 @ Solutions Inc£112.49
To receive the reduced price you must sign in or register. Free delivery. High-performance on-ear headphones optimised to deliver the most sonic detail and clarity for your music,… Read more

No fair! Did you order the Solos as well? Just me then :(, great every time I try to buy these headphones something bad happens!


I ordered, received no problem :O


Hi I ordered these when the offer was on, everything confirmed...then they said they didn't get the stock they anticipated and would this its friday and no further information?? Anybody else???


Technically a good deal as it's cheaper than elsewhere but I would pay the extra for the HD's myself


Also bear in mind most "reviewers" are comparing their factory ipod headphones or have never heard anything in this pricerange. Also counter in the warranty costs, these WILL snap on you at some point and your going to have to send them registered to Holland at your own cost. Ive made 2 claims on my turbine pros in a year and its cost me 60 quid in postage. These are more fragile.

Up to 25% off Monster Beats Headphones at Solutions Inc.
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Posted 18th Feb 2011Posted 18th Feb 2011
Up to 25% off Monster Beats Headphones at Solutions Inc.
Solutions inc are offering up to 25% off of all their Monster headphones. You have to register to see pricing : / but it seems you can get between £16 and £69 off. I phoned to chec… Read more
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Apple Premium Reseller Discount for 3 days iMac MacBook Pro iPad iPod Sennheiser B&W @ Solutions inc
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Posted 10th Feb 2011Posted 10th Feb 2011
Apple Premium Reseller Discount for 3 days iMac MacBook Pro iPad iPod Sennheiser B&W @ Solutions inc
Solutions Inc Apple Premium Reseller have a 3 day sale on..... lots of other leading brands in there as well.
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Just went into the store and got an iMac for £100 off 8)


I've just been into Solution inc in St Albans and they really do have 5% off iPADs for the 3 days. They are an Apple Premium Reseller (an Apple Franchise) as stated above and totally legitimate. They have stores all over the south....


omain name: Registrant: John Barry, Aidan Bowen Trading as: solutions inc Registrant type: UK Limited Company, (Company number: 2994117) Registrant's address: 255 Old Shoreham Road Hove East Sussex BN3 7ED United Kingdom Registrar: Solutions Inc. Limited t/a Solutions Inc. [Tag = SOLUTIONS-INC] URL: Relevant dates: Registered on: before Aug-1996 Renewal date: 29-Jun-2011 Last updated: 20-Jul-2009 Registration status: Registered until renewal date. Name servers:


Nothing dodgy at all, not that the prices are anything amazing.


I too think this is risky, however (used fake details): Quick overview: Product - Approx. Discount off of Apple Store price iPod Nano/Touch - 10% iPad - 5% iMac/Macbook Pro - 5% Magic Mouse/Trackpad - 10% Also, domain name is registered to their Hove store, if that helps.

£100 off your mac purchase for recycling old computer @ Solutions Inc
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Posted 12th Sep 2009Posted 12th Sep 2009
£100 off your mac purchase for recycling old computer @ Solutions Inc£100
will this help anyone? you can trade your old unused computer Solutions inc. are pleased to offer £100 off a new Apple computer with safe recycling of your old/broken computer for… Read more

when u can hardly afford a Mac,but you need it (for work 4 xmple),it does.


When you own a Mac, do £100 really matter to you?


Does you old computer have to be UNUSED (!) LOL:-D


Nice idea, but they do charge full whack (RRP)

Apple Time Capsule 500GB £99.99 + Free Delivery @ Solutions-inc
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Posted 3rd Jul 2009Posted 3rd Jul 2009
Apple Time Capsule 500GB £99.99 + Free Delivery @ Solutions-inc£99.99
Wow! An Apple Time Capsule with 500GB hard drive for £99.99 including VAT and delivery! The Time Capsule is an Apple router which will create an 802.11b, 802.11g and/or 802.11n wir… Read more

Thank you for your recent order for an Apple Time Capsule (500GB). Due to the overwhelming success of our Time Capsule promotion our stock allocation has now been exhausted. Unfortunately this means we will not be able to complete your order request. Not to worry will look for another deal


not got mine yet, might drop them a email


Mine too. Setup was easy but despite everything working I've got issues with transfer speeds. Wired or wireless I'm getting 10-20k (yes K!) per second, a 50gb file manually transferred was estimated at taking 250 hours! The hard disk spins down within 10 seconds on mine, not 5-10 minutes. Hoping my local Apple store will have some suggestions or be able to replace it. Don't fancy the usual hassles of sending back and chasing for a refund....


Mine also arrived this morning, presently It's backing up the 500GB system drive in my desktop Mac... and as soon the needed part arrives, I'll be using it to stream video from my file server to my HTPC wirelessly, woo :)


got mine this morning and had it up and running in under 10 mins on my Macbook, remember to update the firmware. The hard disk powers down within 5-10mins of being idle and there's no setting to keep it running for longer :( and it does get hot after a while but I used the USB port to stick in my USB fan and its now keep it cool :)

Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB 16 Speed 10pk Printable £0.97 delivered
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Posted 27th Aug 2007Posted 27th Aug 2007
Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB 16 Speed 10pk Printable £0.97 delivered£0.97
Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB 16 Speed 10pk Printable 97p delivered after applying code: 31468101 iCreate Summer 2007 BUT NOTE THAT THIS VOUCHER CAN ONLY BE USED ONCE. YOU CAN GET A 1G… Read more
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technically I think the code was meant to be for spends over £10 before postage - so we were trying it on.


or us all trying it on with a code on a couple of items


Isn't this at least the second really good offer which this company has cancelled in the last few dats? All looks a bit sus to me! Edit: Yes it is... the other one was for flash drive... what are they up to... just inefficient... or on a data gathering exercise perhaps... hmm!


mine cancelled too :( are they in their rights to cancel? i was needing those


I haven't received a email telling me my order has been cancelled as yet.

1GB USB Flash drive £3.49 free shipping
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Posted 27th Aug 2007Posted 27th Aug 2007
1GB USB Flash drive £3.49 free shipping£3.49
use code 31468101 To take advantage of this deal, you must enter to code above, before entering your card details - Guinness2702
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I went for some cables. Im sure I paid using their online system but they have sent me an invoice for the amount again saying its overdue! Anyone got the same letter?


its not so much the money its the principal, they were quick enough to take it from me.


I got my money back straight away. Although I went for one of the more expensive memory sticks. Didn't need one anyway! :p


You're not on your own...:x


so am i the only one not to have money refunded back ? sent them like 15 emails now, i might have to phone them.