Sombrio Oso Womens Mountain Biking Gloves 2008 From £5.00 To £10 (Were £25) + poss quidco

Sombrio Oso Womens Mountain Biking Gloves 2008 From £5.00 To £10 (Were £25) + poss quidco

Found 29th Oct 2010Made hot 8th Nov 2010
I use Sombrio MTB gloves, the're the most confortable I have and protect my fingers well. I also have some Thor and Scott gloves but always go back to my Sombrio ones.

Product Description according to the website:

A women's specific all mountain glove. These minimalist designed gloves are ultra light weight and breathable, and ideally suited for the epics.

• Washable Chamude leather palm
• Unique cuff-less and tapered wrist design
• Compression molded Airprene cuff for easy slip on
• Direct inject logo branding on back of hand and middle finger
• Constructed form abrasion resistant corded nylon for maximum durability
• Vented mesh fourchette fingers for snug finger fit and maximum breathability
• Terry cotton thumb for snot wipe
• Minimal stretch palm
• Precurved fingers


Too bad no mens

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I think they also have a lot of mens gloves on sale but not as low as £5. I personally like the Sombrio Forensic glove in Rasta.

Shame there is no padding on them to provide any comfort or to protect your ulnar nerve. My hands would go numb if I wore these for any length of time

However, they are described as "minimalist" and if you've got tiny hands then they're good quality for a fiver.
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