Some Corelle 16 Piece Dinner Set Designs (Geometric, Memphis, Folk Stitch, South Beach, Country Cottage) £31.99 + Free Delivery @ Argos

Some Corelle 16 Piece Dinner Set Designs (Geometric, Memphis, Folk Stitch, South Beach, Country Cottage) £31.99 + Free Delivery @ Argos

Found 3rd Jan 2017
Geometric, Memphis, Folk Stitch, Country Cottage and South Beach 16 piece sets are now £31.99. Might be limited stock as I can't see them for reservation or home delivery in my local stores.

From £40.78 on Amazon at the moment…set

Think the only current code for Argos currently is FURN20 (£200 or over spend), unless anyone knows better

And yes, I have posted about Corelle before, I have no affiliation with anyone or anything - I first learnt about these different tempered glass dinner sets from HUKDer Phila4, so this is my way of spreading the love

1.05% quidco
- thevman2k3
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(Corelle Livingware retails for $40, Corelle Square $70, Corelle Vive $44-60). The cheapest range, Livingware, gets the best write-up.

Corelle Geometric 16 Piece Set - Brown £31.99

Corelle Memphis 16 Piece Set - Multicoloured £31.99

Corelle Folk Stitch 16 Piece Set - Blue £31.99

Corelle South Beach 16 Piece Set - Green and Blue £31.99
Corelle Country Cottage 16 Piece Set - Green and Blue £31.99…htm,0,980,290_.jpg
"The original break and chip resistant glass dinnerware. Trust that it can stand up to the rigors of everyday life and still look great. 3 year replacement warranty against breaking and chipping!
Corelle takes pride in its manufacturing excellence. Vitrelle glass is made and thoroughly quality tested in the USA in Corning, NY. Corelle is manufactured with nearly 70% of recycled glass. Additionally the design pigments used are food safe and FDA approved."
3 layers of Vitrelle Glass
The 3 layers of glass are thermally bonded together by laminating a top and bottom layer of clear skin glass to a core center layer, which creates dinnerware that’s lightweight but strong, thin but nonporous.
Break & Chip Resistant
Vitrelle is a unique, tempered glass that is resistant against breaks & chips. The special glass makes versatile Corelle dinnerware as thin and translucent as fine china, yet dramatically stronger.
Space Saving
Vitrelle is lightweight and thinner than typical ceramic plates—when stacked, Corelle takes up less space in cabinets than conventional ceramic plates and bowls.
Microwave Safe
Vitrelle is microwave safe and even safe for oven use up to 350 degrees.

These quotes/illustrations are from, not sure if the 3 Year Guarantee applies in the UK, but I'd assume so?
If you're curious about these toughened dinner sets but Corelle is still out of your budget, smileypete made a few interesting comments on an older Corelle thread…269

Look out for Luminarc, Arcopal (now discontinued), Arcoroc. Not sure what the differences are with those brands.

Apparently Luminarc developed a new-ish material called Zenix which increases their tempered glass dinnerware's durability.

smileypete mentioned Luminarc Trianon as well.

I probably need to do more research! Luminarc dinner sets can be had for great prices, around £10 or so on ebay and the like.
I'm after 18 piece set without tumbler. Cheapest I could find was on eBay for £60. Voted hot
Edited by: "mario2001" 3rd Jan 2017
OOS. Cheapest shown is £40
I can't seem to find the £31.99
Are u sure of the price buddy ?
Now showing at £39.99
But no availability anyway
Thanks for the info OP, would love some of these for my mum but still a tad expensive
Will check the ebay ones as they look great.
I've already got the OFTAST version from ikea (tempered glass) which are brill but would like some designed ones.
Uhoh, looks like the prices went up overnight - wonder if they've been £31.99 for a wee while. I'll Expire this.
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