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Posted 26 September 2022

Spinnaker Automatic Watches eg Spinnaker Silver Tone Analogue Watch £79.99 with free Click and Collect @ TK Maxx

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    This is nice for £80. Cali dial, automatic, cushion case. You'd struggle to get much better from Ali.
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    Having ordered Monday I received no despatch notification until last night and the watch appeared today. So just a quick show and tell.
    All was in order, untouched and as would have been shipped from Spinnaker to TK, so not ex-display, return or otherwise. Thats a huge plus for me . First impressions are that the watch is a solid build, dial is really well executed with the numerals and numbers, the SPINNAKER in relief and I really like the glossy black bomb crater texture. The strap is not for me, but its fine with a signed buckle. As I am a fan of keeping the original strap back to refit later if selling on, I will put another strap on it, possibly Black. The crown was fine, hands indexed well, everything functioned, date centred and crown screwed on and off nicely and it improved some more after drawing dental floss across and around the threads. Now to see what it's like for timekeeping.

    48342703_1.jpg48342703_1.jpg48342703_1.jpg48342703_1.jpg48342703_1.jpg48342703_1.jpg48342703-uD8fG.jpg48342703-iPGCc.jpg (edited)
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    Spinnaker is owned by Dartmouth Brands which is owned by a Hong Kong based company called Solar Time Ltd.

    Also produce Duxot, AVI-8, Thomas Earnshaw, DUFA, CCCP, RGMT and others. (edited)
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    Very nice for the money..mine is the grey dial one according to the model number which I'm happy about as much preferred that to the black dial one
    Good to see unboxing "as received" images, very handy for other purchasers as a comparison with what they received.
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    I think the model number is SP-5073-11
    Spinnaker Hull
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    My 43mm Cahill was delivered today. Gaining 6 seconds a minute when it does run, but also keeps stopping at random times.

    Shame, as it has decent looks, but it will be getting returned to TK Maxx on Friday.
    If you like it may be worth contacting Spinnaker to see if they will repair under warranty?
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    oddly for me the cheapest one was the one i liked the most
    Yeah, it's a nice clean retro look, isn't it?

    I've got mental images of 50's/60's palm lined beaches for some reason...
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    48304475-Iinbi.jpgI bought the Malbec from them about 2 weeks ago, great watch for the price, quality feels really good and the leather strap is fairly good for the price, would recommend kt
    Missed that. For some reason the link I use had watches listed by 'newest' but always had the same ice watches at the top. Figured no new watches. Only realised the page was bunkum when I saw this deal and scrolled down the page
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    Some nice designs but my OCD finds the combined use of Roman/Arabic too schizophrenic for comfort.
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    No. More. Watches. No. More. Watches. No. More Watches.
    Good never heard of Spinnaker
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    Never heard of them!
    Good for you. 
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    Great price, £84 including a fiver for postage, you won't get much change out of £50 just for a new Seiko NH35 automatic movement nowadays.

    These are stainless steel right?, TK Maxx saying "silver tone" in their specifications makes them sound like some cheap plating has been applied. (edited)
    @scuzzlebutt TK descriptions are notoriously poor (thankfully). This is the case back for the California on Leather variant, states "All Stainless Steel".

    48303454_1.jpg (edited)
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    Hull Rivera the only minus it's not sapphire
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    Just had my collection text but can't get there till tomorrow
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    Thank you! Ordered
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    Which model is this and what movement does it use?
    The tan one is the Hull California. 42mm (not the 40mm in the description), mineral crystal and NH35 movement. Not sure on the chrono, probably a vk73 quartz
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    Oh, they put the threshold for free delivery up to £100, that's a shame

    Was just going to mention these on the watch thread, decent spec for the money but something about Dartmouth brands always puts me off.

    Saying that, a quick glance shows NH35 and VK64 movements. (edited)
    You could always order 2 watches
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    Not bad prices, I assume they are using the Seiko 4R/NH movements
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    Nice looking watches. Are they designed to look like copies or homage Panerai Radiomir?
    I think the phrase is, "takes inspiration from".
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    Only two types remain now.
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    Anyone had theirs delivered yet? Ordered the Hull Riviera Monday and order accepted but still showing as processing.
    Im assuming they had more orders than watches
    Had a dispatch notice today, mine's going to a store for collection
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    awwwww. really? thought i'd drop by before i drop off - to sleep. still not delivered here? boooo evri aka hermes
    That's pretty poor. What does your tracking info say? Mine said awaiting collection by courier and still says that long after delivery. That said the Evri info was correct.
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    Gained 7 seconds in 25 hours so not bad. what i like is the reflective nature of the markers and numbers. in the right light and when moved they almost 'flash'. and it's so quiet you may as well say it's silent. (edited)