Some great 7dayshop deals on memory cards/drives

Some great 7dayshop deals on memory cards/drives

Found 15th Feb 2007
7dayshop have some superb deals at the moment. They charge a flat rate (no matter how many things you order) of £3.95 for delivery, so some of these deals only make sense if you are buying more than 1 item.

2GB USB flash pen drive ]£9.99

2GB SD memory card ]£7.99

4GB SD memory card ]£17.25

4GB CF memory card ]£16.99


Great if you want to order other stuff at the same time to make the P&P charge worthwhile...and 7dayshop have lots of stuff at really reasonable prices.

just got myself a 4gb sd card for my p880
also got an inverter and some other stuff that i neither need nor can afford

soory forgot to say rep left

Rep left, i haven't seen usb drives cheaper!! excellent find mate! Just got that pen drive and some other things...
Cheers Poppy!

When you consider pcworlds doing a PNY 1gb SD card for £24.99, a 2gb one for £11.99 including postage aint bad at all!

7dayshop also do quido but it's only 1%

Thanks for he great post.
Generic 512K Sony Memory Stick for £5 ish - These becoming hard to find if you have a Sony camera of a certain age that still works well..
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