(Some Mens', Mostly Womens') Suit Jackets And Suit Trousers, 50p Each, In Store @ Watt Brothers, Hamilton

(Some Mens', Mostly Womens') Suit Jackets And Suit Trousers, 50p Each, In Store @ Watt Brothers, Hamilton

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Where in the world can you get a trouser suit for £1? Watt Brothers, that's where - from the Hamilton store this afternoon. Mostly Womens' sizes (eg, 8, 10, 12 etc) but there were Mens' sizes (eg, 34, 36, 42) as well.

"Dimensions" seems to be the brand.
3269866.jpg3269866.jpg3269866.jpg3269866.jpg(my macro shots are a bit crap, still figuring out this new camera, but will do better in future)
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Watt Brothers Deals


Various Limit Watches for £4.99
38149914-Ua30H.jpgAccurist Watches £9.99 Sekonda £4.99
38149914-19Dgc.jpgMackintosh Jewellery (earrings, necklaces) £6.99
38149914-0ze9u.jpgMackintosh Brooches £6.99, £9.99, £4.99
38149914-hVHEA.jpgMackintosh Necklaces and Brooches £6.99, £2.9938149914-GouLH.jpg
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Heelys £19.99
38149919-zeAiP.jpgBondi Sands Self Tanning Lotion Light/Medium 200ml £1.99
38149919-j0DcE.jpgHot Wheels Rapid Relay £7.99
38149919-QzjRd.jpgMarvel Avengers Lunch Bag £1.99
38149919-iU0iR.jpg(Seen the shelf labels for these in Robroyston store a few months ago, but they were Out Of Stock)
Star Wars Storm Trooper Head Lamp £2.99, Star Wars The Inquisitor Key Chain £1.99
(These were in stock before, though)
Star Wars Flask £1.9938149919-BBluD.jpg
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In Shape Hula Hoop Ring £2.9938149930-fSXa9.jpgJohnson's Pure Protect Kids Hand Wash 300ml 49p
38149930-4SIBx.jpgDenby 1809 Soft Grey/Stone White 12 Piece Tableware Set £39.99
38149930-30ppJ.jpgYankee Candle Wax Melts (these are 79p at OneBelow as well, different scents) And Votives 79p
Top To Bottom, Left To Right:
Christmas Cookie, Star Anise & Orange, Winter Glow, Sunset Breeze, True Rose
Witches Brew, (not sure what the green/blue ones are), Sweet Morning Rose, Caramel Apple Cake, Candied Pecans, Christmas Memories
Votives are on the bottom row but I can only see Macaron Treats
38149930-TUjLq.jpgYet more Yankee Candle Wax Melts and Votives 79p
Fresh Salted Caramel, Blush Bouquet, Fireside Treats, Spiced Orange, Soft Cotton, Autumn Wreath
Sea Salt & Sage, Peach Cobbler, Floral Candy, Bubbly Pomegranate, Autumn Night, White Strawberry Bellini
Can't see the Votives on the last two rows very well!38149930-fphiZ.jpg
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Some effort 🏼
This is the brooch I got myself (my sister hates it - bought a few for prezzies as well )

Sea Gems seems to have a website
Was also Celtic Lands jewellery (seems to be related to Sea Gems) there as well, only noticed a few brooches.
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Spotted the Dimensions suits for this price in the Robroyston store too.
Heat added
"Dimensions" brand is the uniform maker for some retail shops e.g. Boots, so they'll be good quality and long wearing
good efforts! I might pop in after work for a nosey.
Some of the Superhero/sci-fi books I made a Deal about ages ago are down to £1.99 (there's a Clearance section of books).

The TIGI Catwalk 750ml Shampoos and Conditioners that were all in Poundland for £5 a while ago, are £2.99 iirc.

Bottles look like this38152647-m61cC.jpg
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