Some of Spar's Latest Offers
Vladivar Vodka 70cl £9.99
McVities Digestives + 100% free 79p
Echo Falls (Red/White/Rose) 2 for £8
Magners Original/Pear 500ml cans 2 x 4 pack for £8
Southern Comfort 70cl £13.99
McVities Jamaican Ginger Cake/Golden Syrup 2 or £1
Fruit Corner 6 packs £2
Muller amore 3 for £1
Richmond Thick Sausages BOGOF
Ben & Jerry 500ml tubs £2


Original Poster

Thanks for adding the pic!!

I think the Alcohol deals are particularly good...there were more deals, but these were probably the best ones

Mine is also doing Whyte and Mackay 70cl for £9.99. Don't know if this is national.

6 x fruit corners for £2 sounds good.

Had a bit of a binge on them at the weekend.... god I was totally mullered.
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