Some Superdrug sale items
Some Superdrug sale items

Some Superdrug sale items

large bags of haribo sweets,jelly babies,praline flakes,trident chewing gum all 10p.shower puffs 10p.veet hair removal cream £1.99.pantene colour protect shampoo 400ml conditioner 400ml £1.99.
harmony hairsprays large cans 49p
donnay and true spirit sunglasses kids and adults £1.99 normally £9.99
mens electric shavers braun and panasonic from £4.99
women's epillators babyliss and remington £4.99
tote brolly covers various colours 49p
venus razor and 8 blades £3.49
i'll submit more on here later


May I know what is the source of the info?
May I know when it starts and improtantly is it online or in shop only???
Thanks for sharing the info.

Original Poster

instore only.....my daughter works for superdrug

starts when?



starts when?

Well, I wager it'll be Boxing Day:santa:

I was in Superdrug jut before cloing this afternoon and bought an absolute stack of stuff for 10p (things like cufflinks, trinket boxes, hair bands & clips, candle holders, Whinnie the Pooh wash mitts, packs of 2 light bulbs and a ton of other items) and also packs (30) of scented candle tea lights for 49p. The girl putting all the prices on the shelves said it officially started on Boxing Day but that the prices were already live at the till.

i work for them, and the reason it was all cheap already is becos, like us, they will have had all the **** sitting around for months at this price anyway, which we (staff) occasionally go through and buy the decent stuff lol
there is tonnes of it, just ask a SA if they have any totes of clearance stuff!
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