Somerfield 12 bottles wine £27
Somerfield 12 bottles wine £27

Somerfield 12 bottles wine £27

Wine "Garnet Point" red and white offer at Somerfield 4 bottles £1O, Buy six bottles and get an extra 5% off.

When I just bought 12 mixed bottles I recived £3 discount, the discount is taken off the full retail cost per bottle at £4.99 (£60). So now the bottle cost equals £2.25 each, sure I am going to have a merry Xmas now - cheers all.


I was in there today and bought this deal! Great price isn't it!! They also have Taylors Port at buy one get one free - so £9.99 for 2 bottles! I feel a VERY merry Christmas is in order! Hic!

So do you just turn up and buy 12 bottles? I'm not really sure I understand this deal.

Yeah that's the idea....no coupons or anything, just a normal somerfield offer.:santa:

Thanks for the deal!:thumbsup:

Got 8 bottles yesterday for £18, but as our local Somerfield is giving out till spit coupons, I used a £2 off £20 spend which reduced the cost of the wine to £16!! (I almost framed the till receipt!).

Unfortunately, at £2 a bottle we had to sample 2 bottles last night and I feel a bit delicate this morning!!:santa:
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