Somerfield Deals of the Week
Somerfield Deals of the Week

Somerfield Deals of the Week

Thought I would compile a few deals from Somerfield. Please feel free to add!

Wednesday 6th February - Tuesday 19th February:

Somerfield pre packed Strawberries - 400g £1.95 (half price)

Boness Pork leg £2.95 per kg (less than half price)

8 pack Activia Yohurts £1.55 (half price)

Muller Rice 30p (half price)

Ginsters Pasties 76p (half price)

Somerfield muffins 4 pack - £1.30 - Buy one get one free

Chilled salmon 200g £2.00 (half price)

Veuve Edouard Champagne £9.99 (half price)

Terrys All Gold - £2.59 (half price)

Banrock Station The Reserve Sparkling £4.49 - (less than half price)

Chicken Breast 520g £3 (100% free)

Medium whole chickens 2 for £6.00

250g Bacon - 2 for £3.00

Bernard Matthews Chicken Breast slices - £1.42 (half price)

Baking Potatoes 2kh - £1.00 (half price)

Fiorucci Italian Roast Ham 200g - £1.59 (half price)

Best ever Parkham Farm Vintage Cheddar 400g - £2.00 (less than half price)

Hope this helps a few people, and like I said, feel free to add!


Rotisserie Chickens £2.79 each or 2 for £5

Original Poster


Rotisserie Chickens £2.79 each or 2 for £5

cheaper than having to cook your own!!!:-D

Thanks for the time and effert you've put into this.
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