Somersby apple cider 330ml 49p at home bargains

Somersby apple cider 330ml 49p at home bargains

LocalFound 19th Apr 2015
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    Hi can you confirm if it is the cans or bottles they are selling. Can't find anywhere that sells the bottles in the UK so if they do them huge heat coming your way!
    Bottles, saw them this afternoon - was after the Barski cider but they had none - did buy some Bulmers blood orange cider, not bad but would've preferred the Barsi.
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    Hello yes these are the glass bottles, I'm aware there are other flavours but my home bargains only had the apple flavour .
    Asda do the bottles of these

    Do u know if they had the cranberry one
    Got a couple of the bottles yesterday from my local HB. Very nice and tasty and you can actually taste the apples not just a sweet chemical taste. Shame the bottles are only small!
    they also sell 20 cans for £10 which works out cheaper
    Heat added, 7 bottles were much more Appley than the normal stuff and cheaper than pepsi. Awesome
    I didn't like it! It isn't normal cider, it has an added apple flavour like the apple laces sweets. Very alcopop like. Yuk!
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