Sommerfield branded cola 2L bottle only 20p!

Sommerfield branded cola 2L bottle only 20p!

Found 29th Jun 2009
ok i know that you probably wouldnt waste your time buying but i assure you there really isnt much of a difference between all cola soft drinks and i think 20p for a 2L bottle is well worth spending £1 on coca cola when just because its branded it costs more.
not sure if its everywere sorry if you make the trip down there and its normal price but had to put it up
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As long as its wet and cold in this weather it does'nt bother me how cheap it is.....
I bought Tesco Value lemonade and cola, both were undrinkable, absolutely vile.
nothing beats original coke.. yummy in my tummy
Different cola brands, whether it's a major brand or a Pepsi brand, all taste very different from each other.

Not the biggest fan of Somerfield cola, has that unfortunate typical cheap taste, BUT! I would still buy it for 20p as I still like it.

Worst cola I've tasted is Tesco's own, tastes peppery. I'm stuck whether I prefer Pepsi or Coca Cola... Coca Cola must be with a lemon wedge though...
i would rather drink kaboom in a cup made of mighty putty. Rest in peace billy mays
Most supermarket cola's taste like washing up liquid especially the Tesco branded one. However saying that I have found that the Sainsbury's Classic Cola is the most pleasant and drinkable supermarket branded cola. I would not risk my teeth decaying even quicker with this engine oil from Somerfield.
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