Sonic and the Secret Rings for WII - Sonic and the Secret Rings
Sonic and the Secret Rings for WII - Sonic and the Secret Rings

Sonic and the Secret Rings for WII - Sonic and the Secret Rings

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You play the game as Sonic and travel to seven fantasy worlds (plus one tutorial world). You'll travel to a dinosaur world, a floating ruin, a pirate level, and more. Each level has several different challenges for you to complete. The first challenge is simply to run from the beginning of the level to the end, but you'll eventually unlock much more interesting challenges. Some challenges require you to collect a certain number of rings, finish a level before a timer runs out, make it through a stage without killing a single enemy, or just kill a boss enemy. These different challenges add a lot of variety to the game, so even though you'll play each level 10 times or more, you'll find a unique experience each time.

The controls in Sonic and the Secret Rings are simple enough to pick up, but they can also be incredibly frustrating at times. You hold the Wii Remote sideways and tilt it left and right to move Sonic side to side. The 1 button makes Sonic stop and the 2 button makes him jump. With such simple controls, you'd think it would be a piece of cake to guide the hedgehog through each level. The problem is that most of the time you don't have direct control of Sonic's forward movement. Sonic automatically runs as fast as he can, and it's your job to make him jump and weave over and between obstacles. With all that forward momentum, the trick is to time your jumps and sidesteps just right to avoid the hazards in your path. That isn't easy, because the game moves so fast that you'll rarely have time to react during your first run through a level. After you've died and retried a dozen times and have the layout of the level memorized, you might be able to survive. The amount of trial and error required for most of the challenges is a bit extreme, and it will definitely try your patience

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