Sonic Boom: Ryse of the Lyric - £32.99 @ Zavvi (£29.69 with new customer code)

Sonic Boom: Ryse of the Lyric - £32.99 @ Zavvi (£29.69 with new customer code)

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Found 11th Oct 2014
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This is the second Sonic exclusive game for the Nintendo Wii U, which some people like to call it "Sonic Heroes 2" because of how the game has Sonic and his friends around to take part on the stages.


Thought this was a Street Fighter 2 spin-off featuring Guile when I read the thread title.


This isn't a classic sonic game for anyone wondering, look at gameplay, literally nothing like any sonic game, personally, reminds me of ratchet and clank.

Oh, and FYI, this is NOTHING like sonic heroes.

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The gameplay is brawl-type and for those that remember this has been before in Sonic games (Unleashed) plus Sonic Boom has some resemblance to it Sonic Heroes so if people want to identify with it, that's fine. It's their perspective.
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Looks really poor sonic has just kept going downhill


Sorry, but nobody calls this sonic heroes 2... It's clearly it's own thing, and doesn't look that great either... Good price though I suppose

Given this is out on Black Friday against Smash Bros in the US, it's been price dropped to $30.

As its going to bomb I would really hang on for a possible £20 a week after release deal.
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