Sonic Colours For Nintendo DS - £8.00 *Instore* @ Costco

Sonic Colours For Nintendo DS - £8.00 *Instore* @ Costco

Found 12th Mar 2011
Also Kingdom Hearts Recoded the same price.

They had these for £7 something plus vat in Trafford Park Costco today. Cheapest eleswhere that I can find is about £12 each delivered. We already had Sonic Colours (paid £15 a couple of weeks ago) but my son is enjoying KH 2 - he says it is better than the first. I always miss out on the cheap games at Costco so was chuffed to find a bargain.

Bit dismayed to find the food and drinks in the cafe had gone up in price quite a lot though.

Hope you have luck finding stock. Didn't see any other games that looked good deals.

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Wow what a great deal. I paid over twice this price for Sonic Colours just the other week

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