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Posted 23 October 2022

Sonic Electric Toothbrush USB Rechargeable 4 or 8 Tooth Brush Heads Timer 5 Mode £14.99 @ ebay / thinkprice

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Priced between £14.99 and £19.99 based on whether you pick the 4 head or 8 head option.

Trusted Seller, over 2 million positive feedback.

Make your teeth feel like you just had a professional dental hygienist clean your teeth:

Powerful cleaning like you've just got off the dentist's chair with 40,000 micro-brush oscillations per minute.
Removes up to 100% more plaques and stains in comparison to a regular manual toothbrush.
Enjoy clean and healthy teeth in 7 days and improve gum and oral health in 14 days.
Waterproof level IPX7. It can be used whilst in the bath or shower.
Equipped with a travel case (8 Brush model only), the electric toothbrush is both convenient to use at home or whilst travelling.

Our electric toothbrush has 5 modes of White, Clean, Sensitive, Polish, Massage:
White - Eliminate stubborn plaques and stains
Clean - Regular cleaning
Sensitive - Gentle vibration for kids/children
Polish - Front teeth polish
Massage - Gum care

Includes an automated 2-minute smart timer:
2 Minutes Auto Shut off - The brush time recommended by dentist (you can restart it again by pressing the "on" button)
Interval pause per 30 seconds - Reminds you to change the brushing area to ensure you brush your whole mouth
Intelligent memory -Remembers the last mode that you used and saves it, so you don't have to set it each time

Rechargeable toothbrush, safe and easy to use:
Auto shut off function after full charge so won't waste electricity and is compatible with any power source worldwide
4 hours charge for minimum 30 days use (based on 2 minutes usage in the morning and in the evening as recommended by dentists)

D7 - 4Brush Package Includes (£14.99):
1* Black 5 Modes Electric Toothbrush Handle
3* Electric Toothbrush Brush Heads
1* Interdental Brush Head
1* USB Cable (Without Charger - works with any USB plug)
1* Protective Bristle Cover
1* Instruction Manual

D7 - 8 Brush Package Includes (£19.99):
1* Travel case
1* Black 5 Modes Electric Toothbrush Handle
8* Standard Brush Heads
1* Protective Bristle Cover
1* USB Cable (Without Charger - works with any USB plug)
1* Instruction Manual
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  1. Avatar
    I have this brand, but P11, mine is a a bit of a 'premium ' model. Is decent but not easy to find heads.
    Wife has another brand that looks 100% identical to this one. Was the same price. Managed to use 2-3 heads and the toothbrush died.
    Not sure if it is a good or bad buy, but this one below, same model, with 8 heads is cheaper.
    48508486_1.jpg (edited)
  2. Avatar
    These are awful. Get yourself a proper electrical brush by OralB etc
    These comments must be either bots or employees of oralB. These are just as good if not better for a fraction of the price
  3. Avatar
    If you're used to a Braun/rotational brush you may be disappointed with this...
    I had Braun for years. I didn't realise how bad it was till I tried a sonicare. I have the fairywill in my other night washbag, it feels more lightweight but I can't tell the difference in perfermance.
  4. Avatar
    I have an older version of this and I really like it. Haven't noticed it being worse than the Braun ones I have.
  5. Avatar
    I've had a Fairywill brush since the start of the first lockdown - the battery lasts for ages... I mean months at a time. It's an excellent bit of kit - I've previously had both Oral B and Phillips Sonicare brushes that were both excellent too, but I'd have to say neither were better than the Fairywill despite being an awful lot more expensive. I've recommended them to friends and family over the years I've had mine and now just about everyone I know uses them. If you buy one you will not be disappointed if what you want is an effective and reasonably priced electric toothbrush. I can only mention one possible down side being the instructions are not exactly comprehensive and it can take about 5 mins to work out what all the different modes are, but it's 5 mins well spent.
    The game changer for me is the charging time, 1-2 hours to charge instead of 16+ hours on the old battery Ni-Cad Oral B products. I would often come to use the Oral B and the battery would be dead. I absolutely can't organise myself to charge overnight and why should I when I can use a much faster charging product. Rapid charging is what you need.
  6. Avatar
    Mine died 2 weeks ago after 2.5 years of trusty service thanks OP ordered was waiting for prime day but this is an upgrade and 5 pound less than I spent before
  7. Avatar
    £15 for this with 4 heads and got over 300 hot. Clearly people don't read the comments. I've posted a picture at the beginning of the comments section, £14.50 for the same model, with 8 heads, this one only has 4 or you pay £20 if you want 8 heads. And I found it even cheaper, at £14, sold by Fairywill. (edited)
  8. Avatar
    I’ve had one of these and it just packed in after about two years….think it’s a battery problem
  9. Avatar
    I replaced an old oral b toothbrush with one of these and ended up with repetitive toothache for a year which I just ignored. It then died and replaced with an oral b, suddenly my toothache has gone..
    Absolute bot again I swear lol
  10. Avatar
    I use a Fairywill toothbrush and can confirm that they are just as good as the Braun ones, if not better. Just finished my nightly brush and took a close up for proof
    Nonsense ^
  11. Avatar
    The RRP is a total joke.
  12. Avatar
    We have 3 of these and I think they perform brilliant for the cost. We did have one die about a month in but the company replaced it no bother
  13. Avatar
    I had one of these a couple of years back but it just started turning itself on at random times. The replacement did too.
  14. Avatar
    i have used a fairywill sonic toothbrush in the past and my dentist found no issues with the brushing of my teeth. Its not as reliable as a sonicare or oral b though.
  15. Avatar
    I have had a Fairywill for years - no issues. I order replacement heads on eBay.

    A superb toothbrush that does the job.
  16. Avatar
    Great deal. I got annoyed at my Sonicare dying after just over a year, and decided if I’m going to be paying out yearly to replace a toothbrush, then I might as well buy a cheaper brand and see how I get on. I got my Fairywill in February last year and it’s still going strong.

    Overall it feels pretty much identical to a Sonicare in the mouth (perhaps stronger than the Sonicare) so no complaints there. The main difference is the battery, it is an absolute monster…it lasts well in excess of 1 month. Whereas with Sonicare it was closer to 7-14 days.
  17. Avatar
    Ordered thanks OP
  18. Avatar
    At Amazon 17.70 not so good deal
    This is £15, do you have the Amazon link, thanks.
  19. Avatar
    Seago Sonic Electric Toothbrush 507 for Adults, 40,000VPM Ultrasonic Rechargeable Toothbrushes with Smart Timer, 4 Dupont Brush Heads, 5 Cleaning Modes, IPX7 Waterproof (SG-507 Black) amzn.eu/d/j…lAV
    The brand is different. Ultimately, it may be a generic brand anyway, my wife's toothbrush looks the same but has another brand on it and didn't last long. However, the price is cheaper on this deal.
  20. Avatar
    I'm rather unsettled by the suggestion that, since it's waterproof, this "can be used whilst in the BATH or shower".

    Shower, sure - why not - there's a drain there, everything's being rinsed away constantly.

    But in the bath? Shall we have minty, foamy, oral detritus floating around atop the foul soup we're already sitting in?

    I may never brush my teeth or have a bath again.

    P.S. And surely there's a better way of explaining the slower kid's setting than "Gentle vibration for kids/children"...
    You will probably find more bugs & detritus in the bath water that's been around your butthole than what's dripped off the tooth brush. If your trying to make a funny, its customary to pop a smiley at the end of your joke
  21. Avatar
    Had a similar one if not the same by this brand. Its not as good as the £6-£8 oral b battery toothbrush and broke in about 6 months, I didn't want a replacement and went back to the cheap orab b toothbrush.
  22. Avatar
    Been through quite a few of these. They don't last very long then they start to work intermittently before failing to work altogether. Customer service has usually been good and they have replaced only for it to happen again. Gone back to using Oral b
  23. Avatar
    Fairywill. The brand that got banned from Amazon for fake reviews. My OralB brushes have been going longer than one of their brushes which just packed up on me. I won't be buying these cheap things again.
    Lots of brands got barred from Amazon. And lots of them were good brands. I do have the Fairywill P11 since 2 years ago and no issues at all. In fact I've just got new heads today for it. Wife has another brand that looks 100% identical to this one. Didn't last long, still has about 6 heads left. Got her a P11 today.
  24. Avatar
    before I switch to oral-B, I been using a similar brand(design looks very similar to mine) for 2 years without a problem, good battery life etc. mostly good except I felt it's not powerful enough. I paid for about same price on aliexpress, and got more got more replacement brush heads.
  25. Avatar
    Mine wouldn’t stopped working after 13 months. Avoid!
  26. Avatar
    I've been using a manual/Oral B battery powered brush and looking at the eBay listing says it has Sonic technology, i'm guessing this is the new thing?

    I've been looking at Amazon and I see lots of generic sonic electric toothbrush there too. Are any of these worth picking up?
    There's one by Oclean, the Flow in specific that caught my eye for £25 that has USB C charging which i'm considering.
  27. Avatar
    I have bought a couple of Xiaomi and Chinese toothbrushes, the issue for me has always been getting replacement heads (at least for a half reasonable price). After a year they just stop making them it seems. (edited)
  28. Avatar
    I'm on my second fairywill. The first is actually still working (and I use it for travelling now). Reccommended/Heat.
  29. Avatar
    I have got through 3, one under warranty and 2 that failed just over a year. It’s the poor quality power button. These aren’t worth it.
    I have the P11 model since 2 years ago. A bit of a premium model for £10 extra, but worth the price IMO.