Sonic Forces PS4/ Xbox £17.99 (Prime) / £19.98 (non Prime) / £19.99 @ Game

Sonic Forces PS4/ Xbox £17.99 (Prime) / £19.98 (non Prime) / £19.99 @ Game

Found 8th Mar
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Bob_Green5 m ago£19.99 on PS4/XO @ GAME mate

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Can't believe I missed it for £14.99 on PS4 a couple of months ago
£17.99 at Amazon at the moment.…ps4
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How does this deal keep getting updated to a new seller at a different price?
Why would anyone buy this even at this price...
Bought this on release day. Worst mistake ever.

This game is terrible. Don't waste your money.
While the price is a good deal, the gameplay you get from the game really isn't worth even this. Some people were finishing the game on Steam then still being able to refund it. Probably gotta be pretty good at the franchise to pull that off though.
macethedon1 h, 22 m ago

Why would anyone buy this even at this price...

People like different games, I played and enjoyed it. Also enjoyed mania which is completely different so....
I was actually disappointed in this game, which was a first for me from a Sonic game. My 8yo nephew even had the same gripe! You make your own character at (long?) last but only play about half of the levels as that character from the initial play-through. I stuck with it, completed the game and started collecting the daily login bonuses. One day those bonuses just stopped and treated my login like it was the first day for no apparent reason. 2 days later, same again. Also, as Izu indicated, it was a pretty short game. I completed it in a few hours, even with the sidequests.
Nutshell version is that it's okay for the first run but doesn't leave much for replay-ability, unless you're nuts about breaking your own records.
I've been an avid fan since the Megadrive and have the vast majority of games that came out, which made it doubly disappointing. It doesn't give much hope for sequels.

Sonic Mania, on the other hand, is a really enjoyable game and really does bring back the memories.
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