Sonic Lost World Wii U £12.85 @ ShopTo

Sonic Lost World Wii U £12.85 @ ShopTo

Found 16th Oct 2014
Pretty cheap for a new Wii U game right now. Buy it before it is OOS.
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Got this game free with my copy of MK8, personally I really enjoy it but I know it won't be for a lot of people. It's worth a shot at this price
I bought it for about £8 last week. I find it to be utterly awful. sonic has far too many moves. now... I like games like banjo kazooie.... which admittedly have tons of controls to learn. but this is just... it literally frustrates.

sonic generations was fantastic. how they fell back to this dogcrap again is beyond me.
also... you have to hold a button other than "forward" to make him run. its like they were so preoccupied sucking Nintendo's nipples to remember that their own mascot has merit of his own.

sucking Nintendo's nipples

great game. great price. heat
Literally only worth it for the first two levels. After that, expect shoddy level design with sluggish gameplay and some of the most unimaginative boss fights in recent years.
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