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Sonic Origins Digital Deluxe (Steam) £20.71 @ Fanatical

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Thought this was a more reasonable price for Sonic Origins with the DLC. Verified on Steam Deck too!

You can get this for £19.67 if you have a 5% off next order code, which you always get after purchasing a game!

Airtime Rewards just recently added Fanatical to their list of retailers, and you can get 6% cashback

Fanatical More details at Fanatical
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    So sick of Sega rehashing old games and selling them at AAA prices.

    Ah well at least Frontiers is coming out soon and that’s definitely going to be a completely original game
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    With all the furore over how stupid the DLC is I never bothered to look to see if the game itself is any good? I heard they added some stuff instead of just basic emulation. How is it?
    It's good. It is a port of the mobile phone remakes of 1, 2 and CD with a new remake of Sonic 3 & Knuckles (although with the tunes that were written by Michael Jackson removed for licensing reasons). Features have been added in like the spindash in Sonic 1 and the drop dash from Mania in all games, a mission mode with new challenge levels created specifically for this compilation, and animated cutscenes to act as intros and endings to each game. There are more things that I can't remember. The only issue is that Sega took the mobile versions (which are generally considered the definitive versions) and, in porting them to consoles and the PC, made a bit of a mess introducing bugs that weren't there in the first place. Saying that, there have been patches since release and the worst of the bugs have been sorted now.

    Saying that there are better unofficial ways of playing Sonic 1 and 2 mobile versions on PC (Sonic 1 Forever and Sonic 2 Absolute) and the fan project Sonic 3 Angel Island Revisited (AIR) is arguably a better remake of Sonic 3 than the one in Origins. The problem with that is that to play legitimately you need a file extracted from the mobile versions for the first two and for Sonic 3 AIR it expects you to have the Steam version of Sonic 3 that Sega delisted when Origins was released. You do miss out on the Origins cutscenes though. (edited)
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    Someone spare me a code please I'm being tight, but below 20 is my biting point!
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    So I bought a steam deck to emulate these games (and more) specifically. Is this worth the upgrade over the originals?
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    Can’t find a decent deal for this on Xbox
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    Seriously tempting at this price, really on the fence about whether to pull the trigger now or wait. Maybe it will drop a bit more come black Friday?

    Also, whole situation with this being regarded as being a bit of a low effort job by Sega and the stupidly mean DLC policy (though at least this version has them) and Denuvo on PC version is kind of giving cause for pause but on the other hand I am a sucker for these 16-bit Sonic titles... (edited)
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