Sonic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush £12.99+£2.99 delivery @ Boffer save £13.18

Sonic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush £12.99+£2.99 delivery @ Boffer save £13.18

Found 4th Jan 2010

First of all, NO, they`re NOT REFURBISHED

Tell you what they are, though. They`re indispensable weapons in the crusade on tooth decay.

Your new power toothbrushes use advanced sonic technology to scrub the furry bacterial Rug off your sandwich-mashers with power tipped bristles that work at 30,000 movements per minute. That`s a lot of movements man.

Admit it, you just don`t have the elbow grease to match that pace the old-fashioned way, and why even try? You can`t fight technology, dude.
No, when you`re faced with an advanced piece of tooth-cleaning, gum-stimulating, tooth flossing,and scraping machinery like this, there`s only one sensible reaction.

Hit the Boffer me button, wait for Citylink man to bring it to your house and stick it directly into your mouth and start working on the foul, fermenting bits of food adhering to the choppers therein.

Technical Details
30,000 movements per minute _ Manual style brush head _ Gently stimulates gums
Longer power tip bristles reach difficult areas Sustained rechargeable cleaning power. A full charge lasts 5 days.
Ergonomic handle and rubberised grip
Twin speed, plus 2 minute timer
Complete with flosser and scraper

Condition : Brand New

Warranty: 1 year Manufacturers warranty

Best Price on the net MRP is £49.99 amazon charge £24.99 + £4.17 delivery

First post let me know if i have done it wrong (Y)



Bet these are re-furbished returns :whistling:

P.s excellent first post

Anyone have the foggiest idea what replacement heads these use?

eBay have them

Just search eBay for "PLAKAWAY"

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why is this expired there is another 3 hours to go before the offer changes

because if you bothered to look, they have run out.

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because if you bothered to look, they have run out.

err didn't realise if I posted something I had to constantly look at the site to see if it's been sold out or not seems rather ridiculous :roll: you may not have a life but fortunately for me I do and cannot constantly check on something (Y) :whistling:
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