Sonic The Hedgehog Boy's Sonic 3D Slippers (Blue) for £4.99 @ Play.Com

Sonic The Hedgehog Boy's Sonic 3D Slippers (Blue) for £4.99 @ Play.Com

Found 3rd Dec 2012
Just a shame these aren't available in adults sizes at this price but an awesome stocking filler for any Sonic mad lil'uns

Footgear doesn't come any more fun than these Sonic The Hedgehog slippers! Perfect for keeping little toes toasty warm in the coming colder months.
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When it says 10-11, does that mean age or size?
Apart from the green eyes these look almost exactly the same as the ones I had as a kid around 20 years ago lol. Awesome.
Ordered some last week for my nephew, he's sonic mad!
y u no adult size!
The only thing wrong with these is they are not in adult sizes! lol
(or maybes I need to grow up :P)
Do these enable the wearer to run like Sonic?

When it says 10-11, does that mean age or size?

Seriously? Size obviously. People's shoe size aren't based on their age;)
no size 9's adults
seems where all big kids Go Sonic
I would have bought some adult ones.
Rather fittingly, I just got a vroom flamedeer from clicking this deal

It's so weird to see these as I just got a trial to Love Film and Sonic just got added. I've been watching it haha

not available in adult sizes ? i wish i could take my heat back
Ordered thamks
Only 3 sizes available
have taken a chance that size 1-2 is small adult .... or could be teeny tiny ones !
Ordered 2 pairs as stocking fillers, thanks OP

Worth noting there is a descent pair of kids Phineas & Ferb slippers HERE for the same price.


Had some just like this as a kid!
ordered. thanks
shame no adults!
isnt size 10-11 for adults?!
Ordered, I can just imagine how invincible my 5 yr old will think he is. He will be trying to run up walls, might just have ordered a trip to A&E with these. Good find.
Der ding
Can anyone please explain the sizes on these/relevant to age?
14.14% cashback via TCB at the mo too
Got these for just under this price using the Debenhams codes, delivered (info on the post for the Gruffalo slippers).
if only they've made the 4D, then id vote it hot
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