Sonic the hedgehog - ( Ps3 £10.00 ) @ Zavvi.co.uk
Sonic the hedgehog - ( Ps3 £10.00 ) @ Zavvi.co.uk

Sonic the hedgehog - ( Ps3 £10.00 ) @ Zavvi.co.uk

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Dr. Eggman has stuck once again, kidnapping a princess and trying to takeover the kingdom. Sonic must use every ounce of his speed, agility and cunning to restore order once again. Featuring a large cast of new and familiar characters, and a blistering sense of speed. Get ready for the most intense, high velocity Sonic adventure yet!


Apparently not the best of games, but this is a great price (next best seems to be £15.93). Good spot - heat added.

heard its not a good sonic game, shame really. this is bargain price if you want it. voted hot.

Cannit whack a PS3 game for a tenna!!

Voted hot due to the price, strongly suggest no one buys it though Biggest pile of **** I've ever played!

Good find saveuk

Dont forget 10% discouut for Virgin card holders !

ive had this on order at £11.99 for ages, so at least i can cancel and order for £10.

im sure it cant be that bad.


Sorry guys, cancel your order.

This game is AWFUL. Its the only game ive ever had on my 360 that I've not even bothered to finish, nevermind play it for an entire morning.

It was that bad I took it back to the shop and demanded my money back. Believe me there are much better things for £10 that you can spend your money on.

agree that for a tenner it warrants a purchase just to see for myself how bad it is - also kids will love it :O)

just ordered mine for £10 tried code but didnt work lol i dont have virgin card but game is cool for £10 anyway

if you wanna investigate the game review/feedback for yourself the head too

cheers all

Is it really that bad? My son keeps hassling me to hire it from Blockbuster (which is about £6!). If it's only semi-average it would be worth me paying the extra £4.....

My 9 year old son has it and loves it - a sonic fan, no matter what:-D

its a horrible game ...

the game is REALLY laggy (for a character that is ment to be super fast its very poor !) ...

i got it on zavvi's last offer ... played it for 20 mins and just hated it, the graphics are poorly finished (there are many many many times were sonic's tail goes see through or falls throught the floor !)

Anyway ,,,, rant over ... DONT buy it for the game play ... [SIZE="5"]DO BUY IT TO TRADE IN ! [/SIZE]

buy it for £10 from zavvi .... take it to gamestation and get [SIZE="5"]£14 quid instore credit ! [/SIZE]

so hot ... for that reason !

worst game ever but if you want it then hot price

typical zavvi what a load of **** once again ive placed an order and got email about blah blah not in stock put on back order and last time this happened it never did show up and i never got refund as i couldnt get through to customer service and vowed id never use them again and once again in there trap!!!!!!


If your son/daughter/younger brother loves Sonic that much, do them a favour and just draw them a picture of him. It'll probably have better graphics, move more fluently and be less buggy than this pile of tripe.


Even for £10 it is not worth it, but would gamestation do a trade in?

seems everyone is getting back order emails, WTF is going on, is this a zavvi scam?


ive had this on order at £11.99 for ages, so at least i can cancel and … ive had this on order at £11.99 for ages, so at least i can cancel and order for £10.im sure it cant be that bad.

It's at least 4 times worse than "that bad".

Don't touch Chavvi...you will regret it I guarantee!

If you can buy this instore, do so but don't touch the website. You have been warned, nothing but grief.

This game is terrible!!!! I got this when I first imported my PS3 when there wasn't a great selection of games and played it for about 20 mins before I ebayed it. You're better off saving your money and putting your tenner towards something else............

or buying for trade in, cex at the moment pay £18 credit for it lol

Price now up to £18 and listed as unavailable. :-( Hitting expired.
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