Sonic The Hedgehog (PS3) - £9.99 @ HMV

Sonic The Hedgehog (PS3) - £9.99 @ HMV

Found 10th Jan 2009
Also 4% cashback through quidco.


Damn - Paid £18 quid for this just last week. Its actually quite a fun game.

Edit - just realised lol - that this isnt Sonic Unleashed - which is the game I got.

The biggest waste of £10!

Ok price (voted hot as its a good price if youre after it) but I had this at launch and its just so disappointing, frustrating and SUCH a bad game

Getting paid to play this game would still be a bad deal.

You can also get student discount on this. (10%)

I loved sonic whilst growing up. Would this be worthwhile to use on boyfriends ps3?

Horrible game!


I loved sonic whilst growing up. Would this be worthwhile to use on … I loved sonic whilst growing up. Would this be worthwhile to use on boyfriends ps3?

No, it'll only frustrate, disappoint and sadden you (in that order). Don't waste your money.

Just a word of warning, if you are a massive sonic fan, if you loved the sonic games, if you are new to the sonic series but it looks fun to you do not, I repeat, do not buy this game outright straight away, it is IMHO nothing like the 2D sonic games and not fun at all, much better games can be had for the same price. If you want to try it then rent or borrow and if you find it fun then buy it, but it got bad reviews and many people did not enjoy it.

In conclusion, try before you buy, not worth 50p in my opinion

Hideous game. No deal.

they would have to literally give it to me for it to be a good deal

This has been cheap everywhere since it came out and flopped over a year ago (maybe two now?)... and the new game which has also scored poorly and sold poorly is cheap everywhere & out now.

Edit: I didn't mean to be nasty towards the postey, I mean to be nasty towards the game because it is that POO, and i wanted it to be good with it being the beloved sonic! I'm just tryin to save people from wasting there money on this!

Its a good price for the game, however you'll end up playing it for 30 minutes and it will be the worst £10 you ever spent.

the new game isnt too bad by the way, but honestly this one is one big pile of trash. sonic moves faster than the camera so you repeatedly end up off a cliff! again and again until...until you refund it!

Got the demo. It's dire.

Good price though IF you are actually wanting to buy it.

The load times are soo painfully long it's masochistic.

Just to let you know I was in HMV in Southend today and this was £18 SECOND HAND, don't think they had it in stock brand new. So might not be a nation wide deal?

Not too bad of a price (although the newer one has been only a few quid more lately)

But I strongly advise you to save your money. We have it for Xbox 360 and the whole design is just terrible we gave up playing it as you would reach points where the camera would refuse to look at anything helpful you would have to make blind jumps hoping you might land on something. It's just rubbish.

I've heard the new one isn't much better either, a friend has just returned that one too.

I thought this was rubbish

12 months ago I bought 24 copies of this on PS3 for £13.33 each at Gamestation (sale discount + 3 for 2 deal online). At that time I sold 23 of them on ebay for £20+ each. I just sold the one that I kept for myself on ebay for £13 and can honestly say I played it only a couple of times as it was apalling (Yes I did feel guilty taking the ebay peeps money for this trash!).

I have played a Demo of the new one on PS3 (Sonic unleashed?) which I thought was actually closer to the original Megadrive game than the ones I have been selling.

HOWEVER FOR ANY TRUE RETRO SONIC FANS.... SAVE YOUR TENNER AND BUY THE MEGADRIVE COMPILATION ON PS3 (that was on hotdeals for preorder at (24.99?) as it has ALL the original SONIC Megadrive games on!)

Overall: Good price for a PS3 game I suppose at £9.99, but there are lots of games about for sub £10 now, so I am sure you could find a better game for your money. Plus dont expect much for trade in, I was only offered £14 at Game/Gamestation 12 months ago!

This game is really poor, don't think it's even worth £10
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