Sonicare Twin Pack was £250 now £122 Delivered Philips HX6952/71 Sonicare FlexCare Electric Toothbrush with Soft Travel Case, Toothbrush Heads, Travel Charger and UV Sanitiser - Twin Pack

Sonicare Twin Pack was £250 now £122 Delivered Philips HX6952/71 Sonicare FlexCare Electric Toothbrush with Soft Travel Case, Toothbrush Heads, Travel Charger and UV Sanitiser - Twin Pack

Found 2nd Sep 2010
HI All, Had mine delivered today and you do get two main brush handles!, hope this helps someone.

Product Features
The new Philips HX6952 ProResults brush head has been designed with broader sweeping motion and contour fit bristles for increased tooth coverage
Philips HX6952 is a dual pack with a UV sanitizer to kill germs on your brush head for hygienic storage of toothbrush heads and optimum results
Philips Sonicare is clinically proven to remove significantly more plaque, FlexCare ProResult brush head provides better, comfort-enhanced brushing experience
Philips Sonicare HX6952 comes with soft travel bag, dual handles, FlexCare ProResult brush head and UV sanitizer for all in one pack for you and your partner
With two year guarantee, 3 Flexible brushing modes and 2 Personalised cleaning routines this electric toothbrush pack is all you want for a perfect oral care

Product Description Review
I was very impressed with the presentation of this toothbrush. It comes with two separate brushes, a charging station with sanitizing unit, a travel charger and two travel bags. I was pleased to have two brushes as I have always found it a pain to keep swopping brush heads when you share the same electric toothbrush with someone else! The travel charger is small enough to take away with you and the travel bags are a useful idea. I have never used a Sonicare product before so the first time I used this brush the sonic vibrations were a shock! However you get used to them after one brush and I am really pleased with how clean my teeth and mouth feel and now the vibrations feel normal. More importantly I am sure my teeth have never felt as clean as this. I am really looking forward to my next dentist visit to see if he can notice any difference! There are different cleaning modes which I have enjoyed trying out – I particularly like the massage function which is great for the gums and the sensitive mode is good too. The brush lets you know when 30 seconds has passed so that you can concentrate on each quarter of the teeth for 30 seconds to ensure that you focus equally on all areas of your mouth. This is definitely a good feature. Overall the whole package contains everything you would need from an electric toothbrush and is a great purchase for either yourself or as a gift for someone else.
Box Contains
2 x Philips HX6952 Duluxe Handle
2 x Toothbrush Heads
1 x UV Sanitiser
1 x Soft Travel Bag
2 x Chargers
1 x 2 year Guarantee card
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Hope this helps!
sure ive seen this cheaper before
Edited by: "royals" 2nd Sep 2010

sure ive seen this cheaper before

think that they had the single version about £80 at one time, but dont think I have seen the double version for less, but let me know if i am wrong!
im tempted as my ultrasonex tooth brush is getting a bit tired.
Twin Pack!!! great price!
not as good as oral b toothbrushes

not as good as oral b toothbrushes

manual or electric? any dentist i have been too has always recommended Sonicare over anything else...

whats better about the Oral-b?

not as good as oral b toothbrushes

Miles better than Oral B, go and ask your dentist, oral b is the ford fiesta in an F1 race against a sonicare toothbrush, I have also had them both and IMO Sonicare is a world away from oral b. Why do you think they had to release their "sonic" toothbrush range? To compete with Sonicare, who barely do any marketing and still do well on the strength of the product alone.
Oh i forgot to mention that i am actually a dentist. Studies have shown that oscillating /pulsating electric toothbrush (the oral b range) are better at removing plaque from teeth than those that are high frequency (the sonicare range). Obviously the choices are down to you but my recommendation would always be for the oral b as i think it is superior. Not vast amounts but superior none the less. They are both good though and i should clarify that point.
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