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Sonos Arc (Refurbished) with 2 year warranty £669 delivered @ Sonos

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Great deal if you are happy with a refurb which according to Sonos are just like new… Certified Sonos quality. Every refurbished product undergoes thorough testing to guarantee it's good as new and includes: The same two-year warranty as a brand new product. All accessories, manuals and other documentation. Pristine packaging and necessary replacement parts.
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    £669 refurbished ?

    Replying to

    And its loads cheaper, what part don't you get???
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    Am wondering how much difference I’d notice between this and a beam in a setup with a sub and two ones. Probably not enough for me to justify the cost.
    Moved from a playbar to a beam with sub and rears, if anything found the beam clearer for vocals but with less bass, which is covered by the sub. Do question just how much better the arc would be in a full surround setup
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    Not sure when you can get these brand new from Currys for just £100 more at the minute
    Based on anecdotal evidence, these are ‘like new’ with the same warranty, so you’re likely to save £100 for a like for like product (unless something degrades in these soundbars over time).
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    for 900 new this should sound brilliant without the need for the sub, sonos laughing all the way to the bank.
    There are always people buying without much thinking so they will keep laughing
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    I don't understand why these things cost so much
    Sonos Tax.
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    Sonis or Sonos?
    Might be why it is cheap!!!
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    Great soundbar and price
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    I’ve had one of these for a year or two, they are pretty good. Atmos is actually very impressive but normal 5.1 the sound feels quite central at times. Why oh why don’t they add the facility for front left and right channels blows my mind

    Also, sonos app is garbage but once it’s set up is fine
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    I bought one when they first came out and the sound is good but, to make it brilliant, you really need to add the sub.
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    I've got the Arc, sub and 2 ones rears in my main TV room. I find the sound awesome, great clarity, dialogue and bass. I managed to get 30% off as part of the trade in programme, which was pretty good value for what you get. In a separate room, I have a playbar and 2 ones (no sub), this also sounds good but it's nowhere near the main room. That said, it is good for a much cheaper solution.
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    I fail to understand how this would produce "better" sound than two good quality stereo speakers attached to the telly instead, for a fraction of the price.
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    With the price of electricity people will soon start getting rid of these “always on” devices. I have a Sonos speaker have started switching it off when not in use. It takes ages to reconnect to the internet when I turn it back on.
    I’d be surprised at that if this is using on 4.4w. Which equates to way less that 1p per hour, basically wasting time switching it off, would need to be on standby for around 5days before it even reached 10p used (edited)
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    Seems a bit steep... I know apple to pear, but how this compares to a decent 2nd hand mobo?
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    Is there a website where you can calculate best sitting position for Atmos effects, based on distance from speaker to ceiling and at what angle the upfiring speakers are?
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    Great sound bar. Had mine for just under a year and love it. Great price well worth it if were looking to get a sound bar. I
    also have the base unit. Great duo.
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    Have one of these with a sub and surround speakers. Sounds brilliant and been flawless to use.