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Posted 28 August 2022

Sonos Beam (Gen 1) Refurbished £239 delivered @ Sonos

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Don't think it's ever been cheaper. Refurbished but the last time i bought it it was like new.

Elevate your home theater setup with high-definition sound for shows, movies, and games. Beam syncs with your existing TV remote for easy control. When the TV is off, stream music and more using the Sonos app, your voice, and Apple AirPlay 2.
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    Any significant difference between gen 1 and 2 ? Looking to get a sound bar but have not researched anything. Would this be a good for a few years ?
    gen 2 has atmos but don't be fooled as it has no upfiring speakers meaning its fake and has to down mix the audio.
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    Worth getting a gen 2 instead IMO. I got is through Sonos upgrade program for £319 new. There is a big difference between gen 1 and gen 2. Gen 2 goes louder and deeper. Also although you get a fake atmos it it pretty convincing at times, and with no surround speakers faux surround works pretty good.

    I got Gen 2 to de-clutter my living room as I had Samsung N950 (7.1.4) with rear surrounds and I don't notice a massive difference between the two using it daily.
    Do you need to send your old Sonos back to qualify upgrade program?
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    I've heard that Sonos is good. A friend of a friend told me. Is it worth these prices? (edited)
    Depends on what you're looking for.

    In terms of compatibility and a(n eventual) multi-room environment: yes.

    In terms of audio quality: well, sort of. You pay for the brand and their software, not so much for their hardware.

    In short: if you want an "good mass market" speaker/speaker system which can be extended to multiple rooms in the future and which can easily be controlled via an app, go for it. If you're an aspiring audiophile or someone who wants to get into "buying audio gear" as a hobby, stay away and build your own sound system over time.
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    Thanks been looking at these for ages. £240 with two years warranty
    You missed Currys selling these new for £187 and ex-display for £160 just a couple months ago
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    Are there any android apps for sonos?
    Yup I couldn't see how to share it48116315-AlvgY.jpg
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    I got one of these for 150 a while ago, wish I'd bought the lot, they're really good. Blows your TV's audio out of the water.
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    Anyone else not got a confirmation email? Ordered last night, but nothing thus far...
    Yes. I received confirmation e-mail straight away. Tracking showing shipped but did not receive any extra message
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    Having owned the fabulous play 1 I purchased a beam a few years ago hoping to build up a Sonos av system. By comparison the beam was totally pants . No amount of fiddling could get it to produce anything more than 20 % of the play 1s performance. I returned it and went the seperates route. I am tempted to try again as I may have bought a dud first time around. Just hope I don't pick up the original dud again. Think I did read later that it did have some issues with some LG TVs?? (edited)
    Play 1’s are great but I’ve have a gen1 beam and now have a gen 2 and they both sound much better to me than the play1.
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    Would this and a One be sufficient for a bedroom?
    More than enough…
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    Just Ordered, thanks Altair112!
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    Great price
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    Is the sound quality with optical output comparable to HDMI ARC or is there a big drop off? (edited)
    Should be the same.
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    I have the gen 1 of this and find it brilliant, but I only have a small front room. very good base and clear sound and perfect for most people I would think.

    I would like to try it with the sub though
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    It's a very well sounding soundbar, but it does have a few shortcomings. One is it only has one port that supports HDMI Arc and digital optical audio. The HDMI Arc does not work with regular HDMI signal - so you can't connect it to a PC's video card. If you want to use the digital audio you have to use an HDMI cable and an adapter, instead of a super thin and convenient optical cable.

    Also for it to work at all you'll first have to activate it via the Sonos app. The app refuses to start unless you give it permissions to access GPS - showing complete disregard for customer privacy. No doubt the app sends to Sonos every piece of information it can dig on your phone.
    I suspect the GPS is for licensing purposes.
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    Is there any way to play standard YouTube not premium service through the Sonos app for Android. (edited)
    You could use Airplay if you have an Apple device.
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    Had one of these for years. Really happy with it. Great performance
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    I have one of these and would like a second but I am getting a small sound delay using it with the PS4 with Samsung TV. Does the Beam gen 2 fix this or am I stuck with it?
    Have you tried using the optical adapter instead as optical is less likely to have delays
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    Does it have a Bluetooth connection?
    No. Streaming ocer the wifi and Airplay (edited)
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    Ordered one and am very impressed with the sound quality
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    Mine arrived on Monday. Really impressed with it for the money.
    No signs of it being anything but new.

    Does anyone have any experience of how best to set it up? My TV is quite old so doesn't have hdmi-ARC, so I'm using the optical adapter, but so far have only managed to set the output to PCM (although DD/DTS options are there, but greyed out). Do any TVs do 'passthrough' of these signals (either via hdmi or optical) or would i need to connect the source straight to the soundbar? That's not ideal as i'd have to mess about when i wanted to use a different source. Figure the TV is going to be upgraded soon, but in the mean-time I'd like to work out how to get the best out of it.
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    Ordered. I hope my wife will not Google the price when it will arrive
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    I'm able to pick one of these up for £150 second hand. Is it worth it? I'd like to have it for my ps5 and QN94A TV setup in a bedroom.
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    I picked up one of these as a refurb a few months back and I'm very pleased with it!

    However, quick question to those who also own one.. When I play this through my Tivo box, anything on an SD channel comes out very quiet (I have to turn the volume up to 35/40 to get a reasonable level of sound) but then if I watch an HD channel (5.1) it's almost too loud on anything about 15/20. Is this normal? Or maybe just a Tivo issue?

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