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Posted 13 November 2022

Sonos Black Friday Deals : From 18/11 Save up to 20% eg Sonos Arc £699, Sonos Beam 2 £349, Sonos Sub Gen 3 £599, Sonos One SL £139 @ Sonos

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Sonos Black Friday Deal from Friday 18th November to 28th November- Save up to 20%

Saving excludes Sub Mini and Ray

Sonos Beam 2 £449 Now £349
Sonos Arc £899 Now £699
Sonos Sub Gen 3 £749 Now £599
Sonos one/SL £179 Now £139
Sonos Roam SL £159 Now £119

Confirmed by T3

Sonos More details at Sonos
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    Sooooo tempted to get the sub gen 3. I've got the arc and two surrounds but always been put off by the price and wether or not I need it. Decisions decisions 🙈
    Go to Currys for example. Play something with and without the sub, test yourself
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    What warranty does sonos itself provide with their items? 2 years? As gonna see about getting from smart home sounds cause 6 year warranty (edited)
    I’ve always found Sonos Support fantastic. My Playbase (6 year warranty purchased via Richer Sounds) packed in after 4 years of use. Instead of asking Richer Sounds for help, I contacted Sonos via their chat. After a quick diagnosis they found the wireless card packed in. They said they would handle the warranty on behalf of RS, so they collected the old one and sent a replacement….

    But the replacement wasn’t a Playbase refurb. It was instead a brand new Arc given only after a few months of its release
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    The big question for me is, will a system like the ARC, Sub and 2x SL's be better than what I have currently ... Sony 4k Amp, Kef 5005.1 speakers (incl sub).
    I mean, the Sonos setup isn't cheap by any means, but if it means that it is big upgrade in terms of sound quality (and, of course, the wireless capability), then I may be up for it.
    JL had the Sonos set up for £1600 in October so I'm hoping the BF deals are at lease as good as this, if not better.
    For the money you spend on the Sonos setup you could build a better sounding system using separates. In fact you could probably build one for half the cost of a premium Sonos setup.

    But there is massive value for many (me included) in having a system that still sounds great, as Sonos does, without needing to run cables everywhere, with the ease of setup, with the whole ecosystem, excellent for both Music and TV, very good app etc etc.
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    Would they do a cinema set deal?
    Sonos Arc with Sub Gen 3 - RRP £1648 - Sale £1298

    Sonos Beam Gen 2, Sub Mini & 2 SL's - RRP £1236 - Sale £1056
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    I thought 349 was the rrp for the beam 2 .
    Well worth considering the gen 1 refurb for 239
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    This has probably been asked dozens of times but I am looking to build a Sonos home cinema system.

    Would a Sonos Beam 2 with 2x one SLs and Sub mini be good enough or is the Arc really worth the extra?
    "Good enough" is subjective.

    That setup would be pretty impressive I imagine, especially if the living space isn't huge, but probably not the Wow factor you'd get with an Arc + full sized Sub.
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    Lol, with all the talk of subs it feels like I've stumbled into a S&M forum....
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    Guessing the new Sub Mini is unlikely to have a decent discount.

    No, but I brought my Sub Mini from EBay at £369 saving 20%and arrived yesterday. (edited)
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    Is Sonos a bit like Dyson, i.e good but you get can the same standard from other brands at a fraction of the price? (edited)
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    Are you able to use the 30% upgrade with the Black Friday discount?
    I'd also like to know this.
  11. Avatar
    Possible TCB too - currently 6.8%
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    I'm old enough to remember when a sub just cost £599.
    Did the Navy buy any at that price?
  13. Avatar
    Arc and sub £1298, bought 😁
    Awesome! Just arc for me, but friend is selling SLs so I might get them!
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    Had anyone thought about getting the Sub from Very and getting the 20% credit order offer? -£479?
    Just commented similar, would be an amazing saving if it works
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    Couldn't wait till Christmas Day. All set up and tested.
    WOW! Unbelievable, especially when watching content in Dolby Atmos.

    Simple to set-up and damn aweseom sound. Bass from Sub is clean and punchy, unlike my previous KEF sub which was booom boooom booooom.
    Very impressive indeed.
    May I ask which movie/test file did you use for Atmos as all the Apple TV+ movies state Atmos but I’m yet to find anything that blows me away with height effects.
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    Who is T3(lol)
    Technology mag/website
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    Will BLC stack with this?
    Doubtful I tried use Student save 15% on a deal other week and it just cancelled the voucher out automatically at check out.
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    It seems that the Sonos Five, and the Move get included in the discounts so much more rarely
    I think Smart Home Sounds mentioned the Move would be getting reduced to £319 (so not as good as £299 deal from Black Friday a few years back). Can’t remember if their video implied the Move discount was over same extended period or only as it gets closer to Black Friday. No mention of Sonos Five being discounted though. (edited)
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    I wonder if we'll see similar prices from other retailers. I have a discount voucher scheme through work for places like John Lewis/currys etc, wonder if they'll bring their prices down to match this. (edited)
    Yes other retailers will be doing the same.
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    I've been waiting ages for a sub 2 refurb but they seem to have taken them off the site...so i guess i have to buy a gen 3?
    They both exact same. There is no change except some improvement with wireless connection
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    I’m after another sonos move. Need it to drop
    I own a Move. A stereo pair would be pretty awesome, but be advised, you can't stereo pair the Move in bluetooth mode, only in wi-fi mode.

    I don't think the Move will drop. It's maintained its price for years because it's such a versatile speaker. I'd advise just buying a refurbished Move if you want another. (edited)
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    I'm really hoping for BLC/DDS to work on these. I've been after a second Sonos One for ages but just can't bring myself to pay it
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    Seems to be loads of repeat posts today but I wanted to post here as people are probably following it

    Argos are stocking and have discounted price
    TopCashBack have 4.25% for new customers

    (Then personally I paid with Plutus via Curve, both gave Cashback)
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    So, to get true Dolby Atmos you need a HDMI port that says eArc, mine only says Arc so apparently I would be missing out on the true experience?
    You'll still get Dolby Atmos but not True HD Atmos
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    Anyone stacked a student code too?
    Yeah I've tired unidays and blc and it doesn't work
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    So, to get true Dolby Atmos you need a HDMI port that says eArc, mine only says Arc so apparently I would be missing out on the true experience?

    Mine says Arc too, but via the interface I have the option of selecting eArc. Maybe it was late addition via a firmware update.
    BTW I have a LG 65 C9
    Thanks for responding, I have LG B7, what interface are you referring to?
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    Looks like their website is not working to order :-(
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    Any opinions on Samsung Q800B (£544) vs. Beam & Sub Mini (£778)?

    Primarily using for movie and TV watching rather than music.
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    Amazon has the Beam 2 and One SLs for the same price. Got them with 0% finance for monthly payments. Was only going to get the Beam but splurged on two ones too.
  30. Avatar
    There’s a sub lingering in my checkout if anyone wants to buy for me? 👀
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    Is the Sonos Ray soundbar any good?
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    Question for those who have used Sonos Upgrade Programme - do I understand it correctly that owning a 30% discount eligible device is still a much better deal than anything currently on Black Friday offer ?
    Do you know what happens to the device you upgrade? Do they brick it or can you still use it?
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    Same discounts on Very, and potential for and extra 20% off by applying for very credit
    Yep I did that. Got an arc for £560. Thanks!

    tried to post it as a deal but HUKD won’t allow deals that involve applying for credit
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    The upgrade discount does indeed replace any %reduction already applied. £636 for the Sub, with 15% upgrade discount…
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    Superb speakers spoiled by an awful app!
  36. Avatar
    No discounts to the Sonos Amp unfortunately
  37. Avatar
    Bought arc. Thanks
  38. Avatar
    I bought arc + sub for home cinema.. Wondering is there any point adding 2x One SL as well? Anyone done it?
    Yes I’ve done it with 2x play 1 and would recommend it.

    if you can get hold of 2nd hand play 1s it will be cheaper than oneSL and sounds pretty much the same
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    Got the full set from John Lewis, delivered. All sites selling this set for roughly the same price of £1576, so decided on JL simply because of their no-quibble customer service.

    Now the big question is do I wait till Xmas to open and set up, since it's (supposedly) a Christmas present from me to me, or do I unpack and set up this weekend?

    Went for the Arc, Sub and 2xSL ones.
    Need some rear speaker stands, so will see what's of offer during Black Friday.
    Also, wonder if I need to get myself a 2.1 HDMI cable or if it's supplied in the ARC box.
    I was in the same situation brought myself Beam 2, Sub Mini and 2 SL’s for Christmas. They sat in the corner of the room for 2 weeks and I couldn’t resist anymore.