Sonos Playbar £519.99 + £6.90 shipping @ pixmania

Sonos Playbar £519.99 + £6.90 shipping @ pixmania

Found 23rd Jun 2014
Not everyone's choice but I have a Playbar which is fab for TV and linking to Spotify and doing all the things which Sonos can do. Richer Sounds have priced matched in the past and offered an additional £5 discount. This is a Pixmania countdown discounted price so be quick if you are thinking of getting one as the countdown ends today.


Great price right now. I have two of these and they are great. Bargain.

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Thank you, I think so too.

I have just called Richer Sounds and they will match the pixmania price and offer an additional discount.

Is this going cold because it's Pixmania? Hot price in my opinion and even better if you can get from Richer Sounds, might have to call them too
I wonder will John Lewis match, 2 year warranty there.

Cheapest its been on Amazon is £549
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Wasn't it £480 at amazon a couple of weeks ago with a discount code?

Yes I paid £480 for mine from amazon

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I think it went cold because there might be Pixmania haters and Sonos haters, its difficult to know without comment. My experience has been very positive with both.

Im not sure if JL will price match as it may be considered a 'short-term' offer. But definitely worth a try!


Yes I paid £480 for mine from amazon

Ah.. that is a better deal, camelcamelcamel doesnt show that price.. Still, if you want it now, looks like nowhere else is cheaper.

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The Amazon discount code was brilliant and I made full use of it when active. I think this is probably the best current price for the Playbar.

Probably not authorised retailers, just had an issue with Kef warranty on speakers.

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Well, the countdown discount is now over and the price has reverted back to £599 + £6.99 shipping. So that is the end of this particular opportunity
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