Posted 3 May 2024

Sonos Playbase White, Used Grade B , black same price - Free C&C only

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Only 6 in stores so you need to live close to one as pickup only but a brilliant all in one speaker with amazing base. 2 year warranty and grade b is normally just dirty
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  1. majorwedgy666's avatar
    Owned pretty much all the Sonos speakers except beam gen 2 and the ray, this is by far my favourite. The bass off it is the only one that is acceptable for films without a sub, and so long as your room is setup to have your TV on a stand, it blends best into the room. The only reason I changed to the arc was I had a sub and wanted a wider sound stage
    Majik's avatar
    Me too. By far my favourite piece of Sonos kit.
  2. Digitaleclipse's avatar
    I looked into buying one of these but was concerned about the app support. I already have an arc and sub setup for the living room. Can I use the same app for this? Is it likely to stop working with future app updates? Thanks
    Jamesd10's avatar
    Yes its the same app not likely to stop working the playbar still works in the app and its 11 years old
  3. RussW's avatar
    Thanks for posting . How does this compare to a Sonos Playbar for TV sound (movies, TV and music)? Hear good things about the Playbar but the fabric cover means second hand ones often look a bit tattered.
    Ouzoherb's avatar
    Not heard both but I think this has better base as has sub built in. Makes a big difference for movies. Don't worry about atmos unless you getting all the separate speakers, the one box ones are pointless (edited)
  4. Alex_Ad's avatar
    this and a Sonos sub mini gives the tv a superb sound. recommended.
  5. Monkey.nuts.2's avatar
    Also good as a kitchen speaker, as slots in above units due to its low profile.
    MrsPickleJuice's avatar
    Doesn't it give upward sound though so would be hitting the ceiling?
  6. rickj's avatar
    Have owned pretty much all the sonos speakers and agree this is one of the best. Prefer using this to our arc in main lounge which has the subwoofer unit.
  7. Jamesd10's avatar
    Use it in my bedroom its brill, paid similar on facebook marketplace
  8. DeadpanDan's avatar
    Wait. Is this not a mattress?
    Mark_22's avatar
    If you're a cat maybe?
  9. Jack_Parnell12's avatar
    Can you lonk this one up with 2 sonos one's
    Jamesd10's avatar
    Yes no problem but i'd recommend play 1's if you want to save money
  10. Mark_22's avatar
    Era 300s change everything and this is very outdated by them.
    BenHJM's avatar
    Yeah but 2 era 300 are going to cost £800. Not really like for like is it?
  11. 0903markco's avatar
    And it fits between most larger TV legs
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