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Posted 30 November 2022

Refurbished Sonos Beam (Gen 1) £239 @ Sonos

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Refurbished Sonos Beam Gen 1.

Back in stock in both black and white variants.

Blurb from the website:

Elevate your home cinema setup with high-definition sound for shows, movies and games. Beam syncs with your existing TV remote for easy control. When the TV is off, stream music and more using the Sonos app, your voice and Apple AirPlay 2.
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    Talk about a bit of a stretch of the truth. They retired their app which meant no more updates and no upgrade path. You could choose to upgrade and get 30% off new kit but would brick your old kit rather than post it back to them.
  2. berti's avatar
    Buy it, you won't regret. Forget about the extra features gen2 gives, they aren't as life changing as you think.

    I got mine for £228, and worth every penny. The only speaker I'll ever use to provide the sound for every cheap TV I buy in the future.
  3. Chris85's avatar
    I bought this refurbished back in June, great piece of kit and came like new.

    One question though, via Virgin it's loud on HD channels at a low volume, but on SD channels I have to really increase the volume to get a reasonable sound - Anyone else experience this? It's connected via HDMI Arc.
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    Same here
  4. carbonm's avatar
    Trying to decide to go for this or get a new Sonos Ray from richer sounds for £269 and get the six year gurantee. How do they compare for TV and music streaming? I only have a small room so won't be blasting it out! (edited)
    ibz100's avatar
    Consensus is Sonos Ray is not worth buying compared to even a used Beam Gen 1
  5. Egoist's avatar
    Bought this couple months ago, now ended up with this + 3x 1s, and sub... Addictive, so stay away
    Superb sound
  6. Immoraliste's avatar
    Very happy with my Beam Gen. 1 and One surrounds. I don't even know what the various extra codecs with the Gen. 2 are, as I'm sure 80%+ of retail consumers don't either, so saw no incentive to pay extra.
  7. 1mran's avatar
    Heat. Buy this and invest the difference on the surrounds. And these are as good as new
  8. GEEBEESEE's avatar
    Great product, it just works without you having to make it work! Got mine when perks were still giving 20% off refurbs, not any longer.
  9. berti's avatar
    i have couple of one's, and 5's, but as a standalone TV speaker, it's excellent,
  10. aaron1uk's avatar
    I have a one next to my tv, if I were to grab this and sell the one would this be a good replacement for general music while also being a good tv speaker
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    I have a beam and 2x Sonos one set up as surrounds and it's a game changer for music in the living room. Once it's setup like that you'll get a fairly immersive experience if your speakers are spaced. I have a hue sync too so it's a full disco...Good thing about Sonos is you can buy them when they come on offer. But that's probably a bad thing too. I used to have hifi but everyone gets their head around Sonos
  11. TheDoctor's avatar
    This VS a Samsung q-symphony sound bar (Samsung tv)?
    Māsharu_Rou's avatar
    Samsung with a dedicated sub.
  12. Kay_Kahlon's avatar
    Black oos
  13. johnsto34's avatar
    How often are these in stock? Black I mean
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