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Sonos Refurbished Sub (Gen 2) - £399 @ Sonos

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Posted 28th Aug 2022 (Posted 23 h, 53 m ago)

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

These were up for £549 until very recently, which didn’t seem that much lower than the gen 3 refurb price. I know it’s still a lot of dough, but now that it’s dropped to £399 it seems like a bit of a steal (relatively..).

All the Sonos returns I’ve bought have been pristine.

Now just black available.

Some blurb from the site:


Both Class-D digital amplifiers have been perfectly tuned to the unique acoustic architecture.

Dual acoustic ports have been precisely tuned to enhance performance.
Frequency Response

As low as 25 Hz

Audio settings automatically equalise to balance Sub and the paired Sonos speaker(s) or component. Use the Sonos app to adjust bass, treble and loudness.

This software measures the acoustics of the room then fine-tunes your Sonos system. Supported iOS device required.
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  1. Avatar
    Does anyone know if I can add this to my current system? Can’t find anything online.

    2 x surrounds
    Gen 3 sub
    wanting to add this to the ‘group’ to double up on Subs.
  2. Avatar
    I thought I was having great sound until I dug into the PS5 settings. Turned this on and my Sonos Beam gen 2, Sub + rears sounded out of this world.

    GOW became twice as amazing.
  3. Avatar
    Shame the upgrade discount doesn’t work on refurbs
    Nor student (edited)
  4. Avatar
    Has the price changed recently for refurbs?
    Price drops on sub gen 2 and arc I think
  5. Avatar
    Seriously thinking about getting this system with the arc but I keep reading about sync issues between speakers? Is this a problem?
    Mine played up when my internet had issues so I used arc with a hard wire and now all seems perfect - it’s a great bit of kit
  6. Avatar
    I've got beam gen 2 and two Sonos ones already will this make much difference ?
    I've got the Beam and Sub. Without the Sub I was really underwhelmed by the Beam. Adding the Sub made a huge difference.
  7. Avatar
    I had a sub but returned it. It was very very big and didn't add anything significant for the 600 quid. Apart from a rumble similar to a bin lorry coming down the street. I'm happy with my arc and two Sonos IKEA lamps.

    As others have said, if you have a beam or arc then the surrounds are your first priority (edited)

    Replying to

    Just a thought , but you try adjusting the equaliser settings , sub level and set up trueplay? The sub adds depth that you just don’t get with the soundbar and separates.

    Imo it does require a little tuning or you end up with an earthquake simulator
  8. Avatar
    The gen 3 has more internal memory and a newer radio and will probably be supported longer into the future. Otherwise they're identical and I believe gen 2 supports all currently available features.

    Smoking hot discount. (edited)
  9. Avatar
    If you got the beam, defo worth getting this.
  10. Avatar
    Hi, I have a playbar with two play ones,happy with current set up, anyone know If this is worth adding? (edited)
    100% game changer. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!
  11. Avatar
    Wow.Scorching price. I have this sub as part of my 5.1 set up.
    I use mine as a foot stool.
    You are so out there using a subwoofer as a subwoofer.
  12. Avatar
    Right well I was holding off on this last night but I've just pulled the trigger on this and an arc 🤪
    One of the main reasons I posted this was to get some validation to convince me to order
  13. Avatar
    I'm really glad it's going out of stock as it removes temptation
    Black still in stock
  14. Avatar
    Very hot !
  15. Avatar
    Bloody brilliant price. Having got two of these I can tell you they are absolutely worth it.
    I have gen 3 just to clarify 🏽
  16. Avatar
    Anyone got a good idea if gen 3 is worth the extra?
    The gen 3 allows u to pair another sub with it it. i just purchased a gen 3 sub for £400. i have four subs now!
  17. Avatar
    I have a sub gen 3 setup with a beam gen 1 and a pair of ones , I had considered the sub for years but held off due to the price , eventually took the plunge after getting a 30% discount code. The difference in sound is like night and day , improves music and tv sound even at low volumes . at higher volumes it’s really impressive
  18. Avatar
    Although discontinued, the Playbar is also a good price @£249

    Replying to

    Yes but shows the age lol
  19. Avatar
    Making way for the sub mini.
  20. Avatar
    What a steal 🔥 Purchased in July for €619, going to return and buy again at reduced price.
    Sonos 100 day returns for anyone who bought recently

    Replying to

    Yes free return they provide ups label just follow steps simple enough though they are slow with refunds

    Discount code can't be used on refurbished
  21. Avatar
    Got a playbase and 2 Play 1’s, would the sub be a worthy addition to my set up ?

    Best Sonos investment you'll make
  22. Avatar
    I hope this offer is still on when our cost-of-living payments arrive.
  23. Avatar
  24. Avatar
    🏻 thanks. Bagged a white one

    Replying to

    Same have white beam on black tv cabinet and black sub which is a slick dust magnet. .
  25. Avatar
    I’ve got an arc and the 2 surround standing speakers from them. Would the sub somehow also help make the speech on movies/shows sound louder than the action and music lol?

    Replying to

    Ordered! My missus keeps complaining she preferred the Bose system I had previously because of it, hopefully this helps shame the 15% student discount code doesn’t apply to refurbished 🥲
  26. Avatar
    Nice find
  27. Avatar
    Anyone have one of these with 2 play ones and thinks it’s worth it? Was holding out for the sub mini but tempted by this although it is probably too big/overkill for the kitchen where it would be going.
    Yes, will make your 1s comparable to 5s. Of course 5s with a sub..
  28. Avatar
    Total newbie question but what does a sub add? I have the beam and find it ok as our living room is quite small. Am I better off getting a sub or 2 ones for surround sound?
    If you don’t have surrounds yet I’d get those first before a sub. Makes a huge difference to immersion.
  29. Avatar
    Tried really hard to resist - but failed miserably
  30. Avatar
    It's impossible to resist...iv had mine for a very long time,x2play,sub and playback.. sound is amazing,movies,gaming,music..heat op
  31. Avatar
    dont know if i'm missing something but these sonos subs cant be as good as 600 quid dedicated home cinema subs?...i know some 'lifestyle' subs can be a bit pricy but..
    i'm guessing its apple tricks....you've got to buy one as no other subs are compatible

    certainly stopped me from trying one....currently got a BK sub using for both my quad hi-fi...and for my yamaha soundbar (edited)
    I’ve never seen anyone who has tried the Sonos sub complain. I tried it, only sold it on because we live in a semi and I didn’t want to be disturbing the neighbours
  32. Avatar
    I’ve got a dali surround set up with a Sony dn1080 amp, considering moving over to Sonos but concerned you can’t have a left/right front, only the sound bar, has anyone made the same move from a 5.1 etc and how do you find it?
    You might find this YouTube video helpful - comparing a Sonos Arc to a similarly priced Dali speaker based stereo system. The review is mainly based on music listening though.

  33. Avatar
    Reduced price so it doesn't conflict with the future Sub Mini - great price.
    Apparently the Sub Mini has been pushed back till next year (edited)
  34. Avatar
    Always considered this out of my price range, but close to pulling the trigger at this price!

    Ending support for systems with older models puts me off though.

    Replying to

    The old play 5s weren't exactly bricked but if you can't update the software, eventually the various streaming services won't be compatible. And if all your products are able to update except 1, you need to operate the legacy software.

    When they made this move, it just hit home a little that these smart speakers have a shelf life, unlike dumb hifi equipment. We're all used to changing phones periodically but I'm not prepared to have to do the same with audio equipment.

    Not blaming Sonos. Can't expect them to update forever but made me think twice.
  35. Avatar
    Very tempted as have the gen1 Beam plus two surrounds, trying to resist as understand there will be a mini sub coming along? Heat anyway though as this is cheapest I have seen the refurb. (edited)
    I was/am in the same boat. This is probably overpowered for what i need, but I figure the mini will probably be able this price anyway. Taking a punt on it!
  36. Avatar
    I couldn't resist at this price. My second sub😁 thanks OP
    Nice one, glad it helped. This’ll be my first sub - could be a slippery slope!
  37. Avatar
    Ordered. Thanks.
  38. Avatar
    Can y use two subs? Or pointless

    Can u hook up two subs and is it worth or or pointless (edited)
    Yes you can add a second sub to a existing set up. Only overkill if your room is on the small side
  39. Avatar
    Would this be a decent addition to a Av Receiver? Thinking upgrading my aging sub. (edited)
    No - it’s for use with Sonos equipment only. Anyway there are better subs out there for the money such as:


    You can make that wireless too with the addition of the Rel HT-Air module if that’s important to you. (edited)
  40. Avatar
    Does anyone know if the blue light card discount works on this?
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