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Posted 2 September 2022

Sonos Roam SL Black - White £110.50 / Sonos Roam Black - White £123.25 delivered with code (UK mainland) @ Peter Tyson eBay

£110.50£13015% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Deal for those looking for a standalone Sonos Roam SL White or Black for a low of £110.50 . Also Sonos Roam down to £123.25 if you want the mic included. Use code FANCY15 to get these prices - code credit Reindeer. Lowest ever price that I am aware of. Free delivery.

Sonos Roam SL Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Shadow Black £110.50 with code

Sonos Roam SL Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Lunar White £110.50 with code

What Hi-Fi? 2021 Award Winner, available in black or white.

  • Stream at home or on-the-go: Experience immersive sound wherever you go with the Sonos ROAM SL portable Bluetooth & Wifi speaker, offering multi-room sound and effective Bluetooth & Wifi streaming
  • Go anywhere: Featuring robust construction with IP67 waterproof protection up to a depth of 1 metre plus a dust-proof design - sturdy enough for wherever your adventures may take you
  • Smooth and versatile: Connect your ROAM SL to any Sonos WiFi speaker to create a sound system for the whole house, allowing you to listen to different songs in different rooms or listen simultaneously
  • Personalise your soundscape: Choose the Roam SL or the Roam with additional automatic Trueplay and voice assistant, both available with a smart magnetic wireless charger - enjoy music your way
  • Items delivered: 1 x Sonos ROAM SL speaker, 1 x USB-C charging cable, 1 x quick start guide, compatible with wireless charging and Sonos app, in black
  • 2 Year guarantee included

Sonos Roam Portable Smart Speaker - Black £123.25 with code
Sonos Roam Portable Smart Speaker - White £123.25 with code

Versatile speaker

Equally at home next to the pool or on your living room bookshelf, the Sonos Roam Portable Wireless Multi-room Speaker is a versatile addition to your audio setup. Take it on the go thanks to Bluetooth and a portable, rugged design. Or connect it to your home WiFi for voice control, access to music streaming services, and multi-room sound as part of your Sonos system.

Incredible sound

The Sonos Roam packs a surprising punch, given its compact size. Separate woofer and tweeter speakers provide solid acoustic range, delivering high degree of clarity and depth of sound. With automatic Trueplay tuning, the Roam adjusts the sound to your space and what's playing, so your music always sounds perfectly balanced.

Listen your way

The Roam has the handy Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa on hand to help with your music requests, daily routine, smart devices, and life's burning questions. If you prefer, you can load up your playlists via the Sonos app or using Apple AirPlay 2. It works with most major streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and TuneIn. Group up to 32 Sonos speakers together for a more complete home sound system and play the same music in different rooms. Away from home you can play music from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Travelling companion

The Roam is ready to provide the soundtrack to all your adventures. It's small and light enough, but also drop-resistant, waterproof and dustproof with an IP67 rating. Its built-in battery offers up to 10 hours of play time and can be easily recharged via USB Type-C or a wireless Qi charger (sold separately).

4.5/5 TechRadar


Delivery / Returns

  • Free delivery UK mainland
  • 30 days returns - buyer pays postage
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  1. Avatar
    Anyone want to give an honest review of these things? I've been wanting a garden/portable speaker for sometime. Is this a good solution? What's Sonos like as a platform?
    Sonos is great as a platform.
    I’ve had a Roam for about a year now (the full-fat version not the SL). It’s fantastic *when* you can get it connected.

    - excellent sound and bass from such a small speaker
    - WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
    - wireless charging
    - USB C charging
    - Splash proof (apparently)
    - works seamlessly with Sonos over WiFi
    - battery life decent on Bluetooth

    - can be a nightmare to connect and reconnect via Bluetooth. Literally trial and error sometimes. There’s no dedicated Bluetooth connectivity button, just a multifunction one that switches on and off or connects depending on how long/how many times you press it.
    - Battery life can be terrible when using at home as part of the wider Sonos setup. Basically unless you completely power it down between uses it will wake up every time you open the Sonos app in case you might want to play music through it.

    If you can forgive it these sins then it’s an amazing bit of kit. No-brainer if you have a wider Sonos set-up.
  2. Avatar
    I had one, it went straight back, poor volume, connectivity issues . Bought a UE megaboom 3 instead
    The UE Megaboom 3 is a bigger speaker and consequentially louder. I like its sound profile too. But it is not the same as this. Sonos works better if you are already in their ecosystem. The app is miles better than the UE crap-app. Sonos does wifi and the full fat roam has a voice assistant built in. You would have to upgrade to the Megablast to get comparable specs and then again it only does Alexa and not Google. I haven't used my Megablast much since getting a Move. Mainly because I don't use Alexa as I hate Amazon.

    Anyway, the Unicorn Megaboom 3 is discounted at JL johnlewis.com/ult…666 if anyone wants to get one.
  3. Avatar
    Agree with what a lot of users had said. I recently sold a Bose SoundLink mini and got one of these. Mainly because I have sonos all over the house and it made sense from a connectivity perspective. Agree that switching to Bluetooth can be tricky but you do get there. I preferred the sound of the Bose but I like bass. It was much heavier and didn’t have the water resistance which i find helpful round the pool or in the shower.

    In terms of battery - I bough a cheap wireless charger base and just leave it to sit on this - so it is always fully charged and doesn’t need to go into standby.

    Anyway, in summary - for this money it is worth it but there are are sone quirks you should expect
    I'm in pretty much the same position. I have a Soundlink Mini 2 and was considering replacing it with a Roam (which would also replace an Amazon Echo 2nd gen in the same room) and was hoping that that the Roam would be as good or better than the Bose with the advantage of connecting into the Sonos network. I'm not a fan of huge bass, but I do like how solid the base is on the Bose. Do you think I would be disappointed by the Roam?
  4. Avatar
    Are they struggling to flog these due to reported connectivity issues?
    Who knows. Been waiting a long time for this to drop below £130. Thanks OP. Lowest price I have seen for the Roam. Purchased!
  5. Avatar
    Anything similar better ? Budget is £100-£200
    Bose Soundlink Revolve 2 £199 and cheaper the Flex £149
  6. Avatar
    I would just get a Bluetooth speaker. Sonos infrastructure is just a pain. Not easy and often hard to connect.
    Not sure what infrastructure you are referring to? Sonos has one of the slickest apps to use and in home wifi connectivity is rock solid. I haven't had any issues with bluetooth either, but a few people have reported issues. There is a reason why Sonos is a market leader. Not sure getting a bluetooth speaker is a helpul suggestion without explaining what is wrong with Sonos? (edited)
  7. Avatar
    What's that, about 31% off the RRP? Can't remember the last time it was that low, stop tempting me...
  8. Avatar
    Of all the Sonos products I have (which is many) this is the one I like the least. Constantly plays up, voice assistant stops working, has to be frequently reset, battery drains really quickly. I'd swap it in a heartbeat for another portable speaker with Spotify connect.
  9. Avatar
    Don't know why there's hate on this, I've never had any issues. Connect it through WiFi mainly and sync it with my kitchen to have music when I'm cooking and I the garden. Also use it for my decks too, Bluetooth my pc to it then connect another room, slightest delay but for me it's fine! Took it on a trip away the other day and just connected straight from my phone with Bluetooth, will probably use it in the bathroom more in the winter too. Just really good sound on it for the size, wouldn't want it louder as I'd be annoying the neighbours then!
  10. Avatar
    Lovely, delivered today in a bin bag. Thanks Peter Tyson for sending expensive electronics out in a bin bag. Must be taking a leaf out of Currys delivery training book. Now just need to send this crap back and keep the JL order that was delivered safely in a protective box!
  11. Avatar
    Deal on here still think active. £134 from John Lewis but get ‘free’ Google Nest
  12. Avatar
    Fab price thanks, just ordered the black SL version
  13. Avatar
    can these be used as surrounds with beam 2 and sub 3?
  14. Avatar
    Had one of these for a few months, it's great to take on holiday with you, or down the beach etc. I've never had connectivity issues with it, WiFi or Bluetooth. I tend to use the Sonos move more, but it's way more expensive and quite heavy
  15. Avatar
    Will be refunding my John Lewis order, saves the hassle of selling that free hub. This is my second Roam, I find them great.
    Cex offer £23 for the nest hub (149-23 = 126 or 134-23=111 for the SL). Which pretty much brings the price from JL to nearly this price. Plus you get great service from JL. There is usually a Cex store close to you, which makes it hassle free.
  16. Avatar
    Not interested in Google Hub or in trying to sell it on. Excellent deal, thanks.
  17. Avatar
    Bought one last week for £159, fuming aha. Decent speaker, I have a full Sonos set up for our living room so the fact that this can connect via multi room and is useable via WiFi on the Sonos app is a game changer for a portable speaker, especially when used in the back garden.
  18. Avatar
    This is a great deal
  19. Avatar
    Thanks. Originally went for the John Lewis deal but have no need for tablet so cancelled and got the Roam from here.
  20. Avatar
    So if I get one of these and want to use it separately from the rest of my sonos speakers how do I do that?