Sonos S5 Black - £320.84 delivered @ Hughesdirect

Sonos S5 Black - £320.84 delivered @ Hughesdirect

Found 26th Jul 2010
Hughes have the new Sonos S5 in black for £329 + £5 postage. Use discount code return4 to get the 4% off.

Price elsewhere is about £349, so might save you a few £s if you're looking to buy one?

Please don't turn this into a Logitech vs Sonos argument...!


Good price, it looks a neat unit. If it works the same as the other zone units then you can plug in an ethernet cable to get it online and use your PC or iPod/iPad to control it and stream internet radio and all your MP3s if your music is network accessible.

Good deal considering it's very rare to get anything off these.

Great shout - thanks!

Advanced Mp3 Players have 10% off with SONOSTIME media code (ends 11th August). This makes it £314.10 inc delivery.

If Quidco's 4.5% also works, it brings it down to £299.97!

This code works on all SONOS products

SONOSTIME was not accepted for me.


I see now ... I thought you meant "Advanced Mp3 Players" have 10% off at HughesDirect! ... I was not realising that Advanced Mp3 Players is a site at ... in that case, very good deal.
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Sorry DubDriver, twice you have corrected me. I should think more before posting. Silly of me to assume familiarity with a website. I have bought several items from (or to use the shortened version), including an Archos 605 and Pure Evoke 3 Dab radio. They are a good company with an excellent site which includes user reviews of products.
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